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Immigration Digest

Immigration updates for Croatia, Argentina, Hong Kong, China, United Arab Emirates

Croatia enters the Schengen Area

The Council of the European Union has officially announced Croatia’s admission into the Schengen Area from 1 January 2023. Travellers crossing its internal land and sea borders from other Schengen Member States for the duration of their Schengen visa will not be subject to border controls. Internal airport restrictions on border checks for Schengen visa holders are to be lifted as of 26 March 2023.

image of croatia

Argentina – The VuajAR Platform

The VuajAR Platform has been designed by the Argentine government, permitting Argentinian nationals traveling abroad to register their details if they wish to receive recommendations or alerts for safe travel and how to effectively connect with the Argentinian consulates abroad, if necessary, during their trip.

image of argentina

Hong Kong – Non-Permanent Residents Extension of Stay

The Hong Kong government decided that due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, eligible non-permanent residents can apply for an extension of stay until 30 June 2023 if outside of Hong Kong.

Typically, applications and collection of the visa needed to be made in person while in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong - Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash

China – The Ending of International Travellers Quarantine

China has announced that as of 08 January 2023, any international travellers visiting China will not need to quarantine or isolate. Nevertheless, a nucleic acid test within 48 hours before onboarding the plane with a negative result will be required.

Officials have begun to express concerns concerning the policy, and countries such as Japan and the United States of America are implementing Covid-19 testing on travellers from China.

Shanghai Skyline

United Arab Emirates – Automated System for Employment Contracts

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has developed an automated system for completing new and renewed employment contracts once employer and employee signatures have been verified, thereby reducing the processing times from two days to 30 minutes.

Immigration Image of Dubai UAE


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