Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

You’ve taken the leap and mobilised your business and workforce into a new market to reap the rewards of a broader network and customer base. The Mauve Group’s relationship with your organisation doesn’t have to stop there. We can support through the entirety of the process, even after the reigns have been handed over, on an advisory or consultancy basis.

Twenty years of operations and the onboarding of thousands of employees has afforded Mauve Group with a unique and profound bank of practical knowledge; situations are rarely black-and-white and thus guidance from an experienced partner is vital to ensure you take the correct next steps.

  • HR Support and Local Employment Legislation
  • Compliance
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Assessment

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HR Support and Local Employment Legislation

HR requirements and local employment legislation can differ dramatically from country-to-country and safeguarding compliance in these matters is paramount to avoiding legal headaches further down the line. If you are unsure of the local labour laws, want advice on disciplinary procedures or perhaps would like information about how to terminate your employee, Mauve Group can provide advice and templates on a multitude of employment and HR matters to guide you down the right procedural path.


Historically, compliance has been viewed as an expensive option rather than an obligation. However, with the tightening of tax, social security and employment laws, the burden of compliance is of primary importance to organisations looking to broaden their operations into new territories. At Mauve we pride ourselves on our ability to offer fully compliant employment solutions across the globe. Utilising our own experience, our advisors can help you eliminate the risks of non-compliance in your global expansion.

Salary Benchmarking

Perhaps your team in India are looking to take on new personnel, but you are unfamiliar with local salary rates for a particular level of expertise. Mauve can advise on local salary benchmarking plus expected benefits and compensation packages to ensure you are not pricing yourselves out of the talent pool.

Contract Management

If required, our Contract team will review your corporate and employment contracts in-line with local legislation and provide templates to standardise these important legal documents.

Risk Assessment

Before committing resources and capital to a local project, you may find it beneficial to have an external party evaluate the possibility or impact of any associated risks. Again, Mauve’s experts will utilise their in-country knowledge to review the scenario and provide a full risk assessment report.

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