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Globalisation and the Education Sector

Globalisation and the Education Sector

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In an increasingly globalised and commercialised world, universities are looking beyond their campuses and national borders and using globalisation to grow their competitive advantage in much the same way as profit-driven corporations.

With 25 years experience in this industry, we have uncovered 8 key pain points that universities may come up against at some point. In this video, we touch briefly on all 8 pain points. But to hear us talk about these in detail you can listen to our podcast on Spotify or Apple Music. I am joined by industry experts Louise Reposo and Tamalyn Ellerington who have all the expert knowledge on this topic and explain how Mauve Group’s services can support a global outlook for your school or university and how we have helped our education sector clients to propel their programmes to the forefront of global competitiveness.

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