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Preparing Your Business for Brexit

Preparing Your Business for Brexit

22 March 2019 presentation
Preparing Your Business for Brexit

How to Prepare for Brexit Seminar & Presentation Slides

As a global organisation with a strong foundation in the U.K., we’ve received many questions about how businesses inside and outside the country should be preparing for different possible Brexit scenarios.

In March 2019, we teamed up with Spanish industry organisation Secartys to deliver a learning session on Brexit; how it happened, its effect on British and EU economies, and how Spanish businesses can ready themselves – along with the potential opportunities and threats of withdrawal.

This presentation will give a brief insight into building contingency plans for your business and for further information on how Mauve can support your organisation, get in touch via our contact form.

The information provided has been checked for accuracy as of the date of publication, and is intended as a general guide and for information purposes. It is subject to unanticipated and unexpected changes and does not constitute legal advice.