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At a glance

  • Capital


  • Currency

    Angolan Kwanza (Kz, AOA)

  • Official Languages

    Portuguese (official language)

  • Population Size

    34,795,287 (2022)

  • Ease of doing business

    Below Average

  • VAT



Angola is situated on the west coast of southern Africa. The main language spoken is Portuguese, making it the second largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world. The country is rich in oil reserves, mainly situated in the Cabinda region – it overtook Nigeria as sub-Saharan Africa’s largest producer and exporter of petroleum in the early 2000s. Angola is also rich in minerals, and diamonds are the country’s second biggest exports. Key trade partners include the USA, China and South Africa. Historically, Angola’s stability has been marred by the after-effects of a 27 year civil war that followed their independence from Portugal in 1975.