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Global Business Expansion

Take your pick from over 150 countries, to empower your global business expansion

Mauve Group – your partner in global business expansion

In an increasingly tech-driven world, cross-border connection is inevitable. So, expanding into overseas markets can be an appealing prospect. Tap into the specialist skills of a global talent pool, diversify your international operations, and broaden your client base – all without the risks and costs of setting up new legal entities.

With Mauve Group as your partner, you can continue to lead your team while we manage all the set up admin – and keep you compliant throughout your journey to global expansion.

From start-ups to multi-national corporations, we’ve worked with businesses at every stage of their international roadmap. Our 27 years of experience, in-house legal, compliance, HR, payroll teams, and a global network across 150 countries, means we have experts on hand to help wherever you are.

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Helping you to navigate your global business expansion

Whether you’re launching into new landscapes or growing an existing overseas presence, our in-country expertise, practical experience, and global team will help make your expansion strategy a reality. Simply choose from our advisory services, support services, or both for a more holistic approach.

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Entity set-upCorporate employment and tax registrations
Advisory: During our consultation process, our teams assess whether your business model and robust global expansion strategy poses a short or long-term proposition.

Support: After identifying the best location for your expansion, we'll set up the entity on your behalf and help with on-the-ground essentials – so, your business is ready right from launch.
Advisory: Mauve Group’s teams clarify what due diligence you’ll need to carry out for a successful expansion. We further advise on factors including employment and tax registrations.

Support: Our teams carry out the employment and tax registrations on your behalf, helping you to maintain a fully-compliant corporate presence in your chosen jurisdiction.
Entity closureSupercharge your expansion with additional services
Advisory: When the time comes to begin winding down any of your overseas operations, our experts assess what assistance you’ll need to close down an entity.

Support: Once ready, our in-country teams will instigate closure activities on your behalf.
You can opt for Mauve Group’s complementary Project Management and Value-added Services, to give your global expansion the best possible start.

Grow with Mauve

With over 27 years of experience in global business expansion services, and as a leading Employer of Record (EoR) provider, Mauve Group is well-established to support you through the full lifecycle of your international venture. Our partnership can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need.

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Global business expansion services, designed to operate compliantly

Unlock growth potential

Time and resource saving

Identifying reputable in-country service providers can take a toll. Save yourself the time and the money by partnering with Mauve Group.

Faster entry into new markets

Whether you need expert advice or practical support, access our global expansion services and get started immediately.

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Minimise costs

The best option to suit your unique needs

Before offering any advice, our global expansion services begin by us forming a clear understanding of your organisations’ circumstances and unique needs.

Avoid the cost of incorrect entity set-up

Leverage our global network’s wealth of experience and expertise to avoid the unnecessary costs and penalties resulting from incorrect entity set-up.

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Think global, act local

Establish operations in multiple locations simultaneously

Build a bespoke package of services that’s effective across multiple countries or regions.

Expansion empowered by extensive experience

We draw from over 27 years of experience, in complying with the legal and tax considerations - plus, regulatory requirements - of every country we operate in.

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Trust the experts

Mauve Group has over 27 years of experience helping organisations realise the global expansion goals. Explore some of the questions and answers below, to get a deeper understanding of our solution.

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Global business expansion FAQs

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