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Building strategies for global growth

Tasked with a new global project but unsure where to begin? Realise your international business goals with Mauve Group’s Project Management solution.

No matter the size, scope or location of your project, you can delegate the planning, management and implementation to Mauve Group’s project management team.

Gain insights into markets in countries of your choice, including local market and industry conditions, trends, consumer base, competitive environment, existing and future opportunities, threats and more.

Take a deeper dive into the project topics of your choosing by commissioning our researchers to carry out detailed desk research on your behalf.

Strengthen your project data and learn from local thought leaders, consumers and market experts. Our researchers will use qualitative tactics such as focus groups, interviews and case studies.

Hit the ground running with an actionable go-to market strategy; we will deliver a roadmap towards entering the market of your choice, including marketing selection, marketing mix and customer acquisition.

Expand your in-country network and receive ready-warmed sales leads.

Delivering you success

Looking for project management with a niche remit? Every brief is different, and our teams have delivered consistently with speed, value and quality.

Your project goals might be as diverse as market research for potential expansion options, formation of a remote team of staff, in-country launch of a new product or development of local sales lists. No matter your need, our experienced project managers will work with you to assess the project’s scope, establish key deliverables and bring success to your global business.

Place your projects in experienced hands

We utilise esteemed project management methodology to provide a focused, controlled and organised service – ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.

Unique benefits for your business

Tap into our market-leading network of local experts in a variety of fields – built over 25 years of Project Management.
Gain greater understanding of potential challenges and mitigate the risk of your project failing.
Boost your project’s financial viability through proper planning and budgeting, and greater awareness of localised costs. An overseas project’s success is measured by its profitability.
Save money, improve productivity and increase return on investment as we assess and distribute your company’s resources according to areas of priority within the project.

Got a question

Whether you’re looking for more information about our locations and services, or simply want to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.