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Rapid, risk-free remittance to your global teams

With workers spread across multiple countries expecting their salaries on time, and varying local requirements to consider, running global payrolls can be a costly and complicated process.

Mauve Group can guarantee timely, compliant fund remittance across our market-leading network with our Global Payroll solution.

Key Features

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Payroll Set-Up

Activate your in-country payroll with confidence; Mauve will carry out the set up duties on your behalf, so you can focus your attention elsewhere in the business

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Payroll Registration & Deregistration

Ensure your workers are accurately registered for payroll by delegating the duty to Mauve Group. We also carry out de-registration should the worker end their employment in that location.

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Local Payroll Calculations

Receive accurate salary calculations including local tax and social security requirements, so you know exactly how much your global wage bill will cost.

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Records & Reporting

Review timely, detailed reporting from our Global Payroll experts, and access securely-held payroll records as and when you require.

Compensation & Benefits Icon

Salary, Compensation & Benefits Remittance

Mauve will transfer your workers’ due funds within 1-2 days. Our experts will also ensure that the correct tax and social security payments are remitted to the authorities by the mandated time.

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Ongoing Payroll Management

Delegate the management of payroll and continuous monitoring of tax regulations to our payroll experts, who will advise on and apply any changes or new incentives due to your workers.

With you whenever you need us

Whether your workers are expatriates or local nationals, we can support with the right global payroll guidance for their location and circumstance.

Even with small headcounts spread across multiple country locations, our market-leading network means you can easily standardise your payroll structure. Mauve will link up with your in-house accounting or HR departments to create a centralised process for payroll.

Mauve can take on responsibility for an entire workforce, or simply one or two staff members across as many locations you need.

Costing you less, reaching them faster

Minimise your international transfer costs with our Global Payroll solution. Our partnership with a global FX company means that funds are remitted with up to a 65% reduction in transfer fees and bank charges.

Salaries and any additional expenses or compensations are remitted to your workers within 1-2 days, ensuring international workforces feel secure, motivated and integrated.

Benefit from Global Experience

Leverage our long-standing expertise and unwavering focus on compliance. Payroll legislation can differ considerably by country; Mauve’s in-house experts will ensure your global payroll adheres strictly to local banking, tax and social security rules.

Wave goodbye to length transfer times and banking delays; Mauve’s payroll solution ensures remittance of salaries within 1-2 days.

Optimise the cost of your payroll; Mauve works with a global FX partner to ensure any overseas transactions processed incur 65% less in transfer costs and bank charges.

Gain clarity as you review your wage bills. Our solution provides comprehensible salary calculations, monthly reporting and payslips for your internal records, and to offer greater transparency over the process.

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