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Mauve Group announces new updates to the Mauve Insight Platform

From time and attendance tracking to downloading pay slips in just one click, explore what our platform has to offer.

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Mauve Group is pleased to announce updates to the Mauve Insight Platform. The Mauve Insight Platform is a secure web-based, self-service application that allows clients and workers to access all data related to their global work assignments.

Systems Operations Manager Jonathan Ellis explains:

“Mauve Insight is designed to streamline onboarding and simplify the coordination of global workforce management. All assignment data is available in one place to eliminate time-consuming processes.

The new platform changes are the first of an ongoing optimisation project, which will see the continued improvement of our platform, making it more interactive and user-friendly.”

Updates come into effect from Tuesday, 7th May.

Key Mauve Insight Platform features:

  • Efficient payslip management, whereby monthly payslips are available to view and download with just a click.
  • Time and attendance tracking, allowing users to book, view, and approve time off.
  • The digital worker hub, where users can access comprehensive worker data efficiently, provides clients with a specialised report view for in-depth details on worker assignments.
  • Streamlined onboarding, with all personal and assignment data available in one place.

Soon, some additional updates will come into effect that will enable users to approve, track, and update information more efficiently, including:

  • Enhanced expense tracking, allowing users to submit and approve expenses more efficiently.
  • All contracts and agreements will be available to download securely at any time.
  • Enhanced platform capabilities will allow for streamlined user permission adjustments.
  • New secure data storage features and additional financial calculation tools, which will support more efficient onboarding processes.

For further information about Mauve Group’s improved Mauve Insight Platform or to book a demo with one of our experts, please get in touch today.