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Bespoke HR consultancy for global business expansion

When you are expanding your business across the world, you must comply with local and international HR codes. With Mauve’s HR consultancy service, you can ensure comprehensive compliance in everything from employment contracts to employee benefits.

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Why does local HR compliance matter?

Not all countries have the same employment rules. Non-compliance with local HR rules can lead to fines, penalties, reputation damage, litigation, and even business closure. That’s why it is essential to work with HR consultants who can help you navigate local HR law.

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Our global HR services

Here’s what you can expect from Mauve’s HR consultancy services.

Global HR Support

Mauve Group’s extensive HR guidance and support is tailored to the needs of your business. We can help with:

● Policies and procedures
● Employee handbooks
● Performance management
● Absence management
● Employment factsheets
● Global mobility guidance
● Onboarding and offboarding processes

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Employee pay and rewards

We support you to establish fair pay structures and reward schemes for your international staff, ensuring equity across your teams.

● Job role analysis
● Salary benchmarking
● Performance reward
● Benefits strategy

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Legal and compliance

Our advice helps you to bring your labour practices, salaries, and contracts in line with local law, so you won’t fall foul of regional regulations.

● Employee relations
● Termination advisory
● Contract management
● HR risk assessment
● Collective bargaining agreements
● Local labour legislation

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