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Value-added Services (VAS)

Opt for standalone or supplementary Value-added Services, to facilitate your global expansion across 150+ countries around the globe.

Global expansion – moving more than just your business

Opening up a legal entity in a new market simply marks the start of your global business expansion journey. There are new offices to find, documents to process, employees and their families to potentially expatriate, cultural nuances to navigate – you name it, there’s a lot to consider and action.

At Mauve Group, we’ve curated a vast range of Value-added Services (VAS), designed to streamline your logistics and make your business more agile as you expand overseas. So, when you outsource to us, you’ll gain invaluable in-country resources local expertise, to help you hit the ground running with your new venture.

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Curate a custom package of Value-added Services

Our Value-added Services (VAS) optimise your global business expansion and global mobility strategy – to maximise your growth potential. Take your pick from any of our Value-added Services as a standalone solution, to meet your business needs – or bolt them on to our other global HR and employment services, to build your own package. Let’s take a closer look.

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Reap the benefits of Value-added Services

  • Customise and build solutions that respond to your unique corporate needs
  • Curate a global-friendly solutions package, scalable across multiple locations worldwide
  • Access our global network of local experts, who’ll teach you the ins and outs of unfamiliar markets
  • Outsource to Mauve Group as your sole partner and point of contact, saving time and resources on finding multiple local service providers
  • Be reassured that we rigorously vet any third-party partners, prior to engagement.
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Trust the experts

Mauve Group has over 27 years of experience in global expansion and we understand the benefits value-added services can bring. Explore some of the questions and answers below, on how VAS can work for you.

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Value-Added Services FAQs

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