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Grow globally with independent contractors

The global gig economy is growing, offering organisations access to a wider talent pool. Such a landscape gives rise to independent contractors, best-suited to fulfil short-term or project-based deliverables, which often demand professionals with specialist skillsets.

From outsourcing graphic designers for a company rebrand, to requiring agile project managers to implement your digital transformation strategy, the possibilities are endless. And with remote and hybrid working here to stay, now is the time for your business to build its global contingent workforce.

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Contractor management, made compliant with Mauve Group

Take your pick and hire contractors from around the world. Then, simply let us handle the rest with our portfolio of Independent Contractor Solutions. Curate a package to reflect your scope of work, or opt for individual services as and when you need them.

Our solutions provide compliant end-to-end contractor management. And that approach extends to how we pay them – whatever their time zones, whatever their local currencies.

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Here’s how Mauve Group can support you every step of the way

Agent of Record (AoR) Evaluation

Our in-country experts consult on your contractor job specifications, flagging risks of worker misclassification – to keep you compliant and protect you from fines, penalties, and more.

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Independent Contractor Verification

Our in-house Compliance team verifies the legal status of an independent contractor and confirms they’re compliantly registered, in line with local employment laws.

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Agent of Record (AoR)

Our fullest contractor solution. We verify, onboard, and pay your contractors. We'll set up a work agreement, then raise an invoice to you based on the time worked by the contractor, and pay them in local currency.

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Advisory Service

In some jurisdictions, we can advise independent contractors on how to register locally as self-employed – while keeping them compliant along the way.

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Innovation HubContractor insights

Hiring the services of an independent contractor or freelancer can pose a range of compliance risks. A common misstep is what’s called the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, which can result in heavy financial fines and other penalties. Alongside partnering with Mauve Group to enable Independent Contractor Solutions, you can stay informed of updates in employment law, and how they impact your organisation in your roadmap to global mobility – simply visit and read the blogs over in our Innovation Hub.

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Trust the experts

Mauve Group has over 27 years of experience in global expansion and global mobility services, including independent contractor services. Explore some of the questions and answers below, for a deeper understanding of our solution.

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Independent contractor FAQs

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