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Tap into a new, flexible world of work with independent contractor solutions.

The gig economy is transforming work practices the world over. Enhance your global projects by bringing in the flexibility, expert know how and optimised costs of an independent contractor.

Gain access to a rich stream of global talent by engaging independent contractors and feel safe in the knowledge you've done it in the right way, with the right support.

Assess Engage Pay inforgraphic

The Services

Build your own bespoke solution package to suit your needs, or select individual options from our menu of independent contractor services.

Engage independent contractors legally and compliantly around the world

We can assess the status of your current independent contractors – making sure they are compliantly classified.

Our Compliance experts can review and ensure all the admin is in order to engage the contractor, and that their contractor status is verified in-country.

In certain jurisdictions, our experienced team can help the contractor understand their take-home pay with tax & SS calculations. Where it is compliant, we may be able to make payments to the authorities.

We’ll bring simplicity and compliance to your independent contracting situations – so you can focus on making a success of your global projects.

Mauve Stands Out From the Crowd

25 years’ experience facilitating independent contractor work

We know because we’ve been there before – Mauve’s founders are former independent contractors

Network of approved partners – due diligence checked by Dun & Bradstreet

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