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Expat Relocation Experience Part 1: Choosing Where to Relocate

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Having begun her journey as an expat at just 18 years old when she left her home in Cyprus and relocated to England, UK, and now, 10 years on, deciding to relocate again to Dubai, UAE, Demetra has experienced what the life on an expat can look like. Her journey as well as the fact that she now works in the field of global mobility has taught her the right steps to take when considering a relocation.

In this episode, she talks about the first phase of any relocation, that is choosing where to relocate. From career prospects and financial concerns to visa issues and difficult decisions, she walks us through her 10-step process to help you narrow down your choices to one single location. Tried and tested through her own experiences, she shares all her tips, tools and her own real-life examples to help those considering relocation to navigate this exciting yet daunting time in their lives.

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