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What is an Employer of Record?

Also known as a PEO or Global Workforce Solution, an Employer of Record (EoR) service supports organisations by compliantly employing their workers in countries where their own local entity is lacking. Mauve Group takes care of the necessary local payroll, employment and HR tasks, while you retain day-to-day management of your worker.

Employer of Record solutions can be beneficial overseas or on home soil, whether for short- or long-term projects – providing you with peace of mind, reduced costs and the opportunity to rapidly enter new markets.

Access Local Expertise

Our own global expansion has provided first-hand knowledge on the challenges of employing overseas, supported by a market-leading network of local experts in fields such as accountancy, legal and compliance.

Save Time

Deploying your staff into country quickly can help your overseas project to get up and running. Onboarding is faster under an Employer of Record solution, avoiding the red-tape and lengthy timescales of entity set-up.

Save Money

An overseas project’s success is measured by its profitability; using an Employer of Record service makes a project more financially viable by saving costs related to entity set-up, payroll and taxation, foreign exchange and immigration.

Ensure Compliance

Employment and fiscal laws are complex and vary by country; non-compliance can be heavily penalised. Our in-house Compliance, Payroll and Contracts teams work with local lawyers and accountants to ensure your international staff are working legally in-country.

Let Our Network Become Your Network

Through our local staff and global network, we support your business on-the-ground so you can focus on growing.

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Employer of Record Service

Mauve Group’s vision is to be a trusted partner to organisations of any size seeking to expand their horizons and achieve growth beyond their home markets.

25 Years

Experience helping buesiness to expand into new territories

2,250 Organisations

2,250 Companies assisted to date

Client Relationships

Clients stay with us – average contract length of 5 years

How does Mauve’s Employer of Record Service Work?

Mauve Group’s Employer of Record solution helps you get staff on-the-ground in your chosen country, taking on the onboarding and employment functions and removing the risk, cost and timescales of setting up your own company locally. The main features of a Mauve Group Employer of Record solution include:

  1. Trustworthy Employment Across the Mauve Network – We offer EoR services in around 70 locations across our 150-country network. Mauve Group can employ workers through our own entities in 50 of these locations, and through due-diligence-checked local partners in the remaining countries. This business model ensures we never refer enquiries on to third-party EoR companies; all solutions are managed in-house by Mauve staff.
  2. Local Payroll Registration – Mauve will provide payroll calculations, register the worker for local payroll and set up local bank accounts. Mauve pays tax, social security and other payroll contributions to the authorities and the net salary to the worker each month.
  3. Immigration Assistance – The Immigration team will advise on and apply for the right visas and permits for your expatriate worker’s individual circumstances and work location. We will process renewals and residence requirements, and also assist with business travel.
  4. Raising Local Contracts – Mauve Group’s Contracts department will advise on the right contract type for the worker’s assignment, and raise the employment contract using fully-compliant local templates.
  5. In-Country Worker Support – Our dedicated Client Liaison team and on-the-ground staff will perform regular check-ins with the worker. To ease the transition into country, we can offer add-on relocation and destination services through our partner network.
  6. Offboarding – If the worker moves or is no longer required locally, Mauve will manage the transition. We will assist with payroll deregistration, notifying the authorities, closing bank accounts and cancellation of visas as required. We can also provide consultancy and risk assessment on HR matters such as relocations and terminations.


I have been employed through Mauve for over 3 years by now and am holding a senior position at my company Mozilla. In all of the 3+ years Mauve has always treated my requests promptly, has followed up on things as necessary and has been open to improve their processes to my specific needs and recommendations. To sum it up I have been very happy with the services provided by Mauve. In particular I would like to call out that Gioia Toniolo and Caroline Tsadiotou have been great sources of knowledge for whatever questions I had throughout the years.”

Christoph Kerschbaumer

“Since the beginning of our cooperation, I have been completely satisfied with the services provided by Mauve: my email inquiries are always replied in timely manner, no delays with payments either, no issues with payslips nor with any other documents. Special thanks to Gioia Tonilio and Paul Wilson, they always act fast when needed so everything goes smoothly. ”

Aniko Reiss
EoR Worker

“ Mauve have been the employer of record for several workers in Saudi for us and based on the partnership we have developed we are expanding the relationship to a few other countries as well. They are extremely organized and are able to anticipate everything that needs to be done, tell us ahead of time and help the workers through all required processes. In addition they provide a wealth of information around country specific things like benefits, compensation, best practices and worker expectation. All of that is extremely helpful to us as you can imagine. ”

Kathy Boyle
Senior Benefits Officer – Carbon Black

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