Global Solutions for Global Challenges

Navigating through a global challenge can feel like unchartered territory. When the unexpected happens, Mauve Group can equip you with the tools needed to protect your global staff and clients, minimising interruptions to business.

If global barriers stand in your way, Mauve’s expansive network means we can be on-the-ground for you – offering support and advice built on local knowledge and first-hand experience.

Enable Remote Work

Knowing your staff can work safely from home or isolation with minimal business impact has never been so important. Our services such as Employer of Record or Global Payroll can enable home or remote work for an individual or entire workforce.

Protect Global Employees

We can provide points of contact, training, security and assistance to ensure global personnel are protected and supported in the event of an emergency. Our priority is creating a safe, secure and healthy working environment wherever your worker is situated.

Reduce Cost

In times of global uncertainty, you need to be sure that your global operations are cost-efficient. Mauve can appraise your current set-up, provide recommendations for savings and carry out the administrative legwork to reduce in-country expenditure.

On-The-Ground Support

Our local expert staff are on-the-ground globally – you can leverage our network to gain access to countries where you cannot physically be present. Solutions are managed inhouse and never left in the hands of a third party.

No Lengthy Commitment

If you only need a short-term or interim solution, committing to minimum contract terms can stretch you financially. Mauve understands that situations are rapidly changing and our clients need flexible solutions – so we have lowered our minimum commitment period to one month.

Let Our Network Become Your Network

Through our local staff and global network, we can support your business on-the-ground when challenges and borders prevent you from being there yourself.

Why Use Mauve?


Experience helping businesses to expand into new territories


Established network in over 150 countries worldwide


Clients stay with us – average contract length of 5 years

Supportive Services to Suit Your Business

Mauve Group’s solutions help you to adapt to a changing global environment and position your business securely. Our service packages can be engaged in the short- or long-term for your global employees or overseas entities.

  1. Employee Mobility – If you have employees who want to return to a home country for health or safety reasons, we can help by facilitating their employment in that location and advise of any in-country liabilities that might arise for your organisation. When movement is limited globally, we can review immigration requirements and provide much needed travel advice through our Global Visa and Immigration services.
  2. Remote Working Solutions – we can help to facilitate employees to work remotely on a long or short-term basis. If they are unable to travel or need to work from a different location to the office, our Global Payroll or Employer of Record solutions can make this possible. We can also help to identify any benefits or incentives due to home workers, and ensure your contracts and human resources procedures adhere to local laws.
  3. Remote Entity Management – Need help with the logistics of managing your overseas entity from afar? We can offer in-country representation on your behalf, granting you access to our on-the-ground staff and expert partners. Should you need to open or close an entity due to changing business needs or accessibility issues, we have the network to facilitate this.
  4. Payroll, Tax and Risk Assessments – Our teams in Payroll and Compliance can assess fiscal impacts, liabilities or risks that may arise from adapting your in-country business to new circumstances. Our reports can indicate new governmental economic measures available to your business or workers.
  5. In-country Operational Cost Review – Our local experts can review the operational costs of your international business, make suggestions to reduce in-country expenditure and implement them as needed.
  6. Employee Wellbeing – To preserve peace-of-mind for international and remote workforces, we can offer local insurance covers, access to in-country points-of-contact, local education and training, and worker protection and evacuation services through our partnership with an international security firm.


“ I have been employed through Mauve for over 3 years by now and am holding a senior position at my company Mozilla. In all of the 3+ years Mauve has always treated my requests promptly, has followed up on things as necessary and has been open to improve their processes to my specific needs and recommendations. To sum it up I have been very happy with the services provided by Mauve. In particular I would like to call out that Gioia Toniolo and Caroline Tsadiotou have been great sources of knowledge for whatever questions I had throughout the years. ”

Christoph Kerschbaumer

“ Since the beginning of our cooperation, I have been completely satisfied with the services provided by Mauve: my email inquiries are always replied in timely manner, no delays with payments either, no issues with payslips nor with any other documents. Special thanks to Gioia Tonilio and Paul Wilson, they always act fast when needed so everything goes smoothly. ”

Aniko Reiss
EoR Worker

“Mauve have been the employer of record for several workers in Saudi for us and based on the partnership we have developed we are expanding the relationship to a few other countries as well. They are extremely organized and are able to anticipate everything that needs to be done, tell us ahead of time and help the workers through all required processes. In addition they provide a wealth of information around country specific things like benefits, compensation, best practices and worker expectation. All of that is extremely helpful to us as you can imagine. ”

Kathy Boyle
Senior Benefits Officer – Carbon Black

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