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Value Added Services

Expanding into a new market brings with it many local considerations alongside the expected operational red tape. Whether as a supplement to one of our global mobility solution packages, or as a standalone service, the Mauve Group offers an extensive range of value-added services through our network of preferred accredited partners to give your business a flying start once in-country.

  • Staffing
  • Relocation Services
  • Destination Services
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Translation
  • Safety, Security & Medical
  • Banking/Finance/Currency Exchange
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Background Checks
  • International Brand Checking

Value Added Services in


In partnership with approved recruitment agencies, Mauve can assist with sourcing the best in local professional talent to staff your expanding business.


Whether your need involves transporting personal belongings to a new location, or arranging accommodation, utility connections and local council/state or province registration, Mauve Group’s selected highly-recommended relocation companies can offer advice, support and pricing for the physical relocation of your employee or contractor.

Cultural Awareness

Help your employee assimilate into local customs and practices, both professional and personal, and build relationships across multi-cultural teams, by engaging in a cultural awareness programme. Our partners can assist across our extensive network.


Any company looking to expand into a new market should consider tailoring their written output to local languages and contexts. Mauve can assist with the translation of documents into the language of your choosing.

Safety, Security & Medical Assistance

Whether tracking your staff across the globe, assisting in times of crisis or providing rapid medical assistance internationally, Mauve and its global partner network will ensure your staff are safe and secure in their country of assignment.

Destination Services

Mauve Group’s partners support your employee in-country to ease the sometimes daunting experience of relocating. The destination services we offer include but are not limited to transfers, short and long term accommodation search, office space search, local area induction, school search, travel services, car hire, bank account set-up, local contact directory and departure services.

Banking/Finance/Currency Exchange

Mauve and our partners can assist with local bank account set up, tax planning, currency exchange and evaluation amongst many other financial-related services to ensure your employee is comfortable and compliant in-country

Salary Benchmarking

Mauve recognises that development of a competitive and incentivising employee salary and total rewards package is vital to entice the best candidates and maintain a reputation as an attractive employer. We offer different levels of salary benchmarking from a generalised salary guide for a specified job title to a full review of your global approach to salary and benefit

Background Checks

Depending on laws in the country of work, Mauve can offer a variety of checks including the fiscal, employment, identity and education background of the worker.

International Brand Checking

During the global expansion process, we can assist by checking that your brand name, company logos,
packaging and marketing is relevant and does not have negative connotations in your new target market.