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Employer of Record FAQ

Here are answers to some of the questions that we are often asked about our Employer of Record Service. If you would like to find out more please get in touch though our contact form!

Where can Mauve supply EoR services?

We offer EoR services in around 80 locations across our 150+ country network. Mauve Group can employ workers through our own entities in 60 of these locations, and through due-diligence-checked local partners in the remaining countries. This business model ensures we never refer enquiries on to third-party EoR companies; all solutions are managed in-house by Mauve staff.

Can we use our existing contract templates for an EoR solution?

Mauve Group’s Contracts department will advise on the right contract type for the worker’s assignment on a case-by-case basis and raise the employment contract using fully compliant local templates. The Contracts team can explore inclusion of your company’s specific terms where it is compliant.

How does payroll work under EoR?

Mauve will provide local payroll calculations, register the worker on the payroll and set up local bank accounts. An invoice is sent to the client on a monthly basis for the salary amount plus any expenses, benefits or rewards. Once the funds are received, Mauve pays tax, social security and other payroll contributions to the authorities and the net salary to the worker each month. We can also work with salary deposits if desired by the client.

Can you provide visa support for expatriate EoR workers?

Yes, dependent on location, nationality and fulfilment of required criteria. The Immigration team will advise on and apply for the right visas and permits for your expatriate worker’s individual circumstances and work location. We will process renewals and residence requirements, and also assist with business travel.

What happens after onboarding?

We continue to manage the employment of your staff member, and work together with you to be as hands-on as you require. Our dedicated Client Liaison team and on-the-ground staff will perform regular check-ins with the worker as part of our in-country worker support promise. To ease the transition into country, we can offer add-on relocation and destination services through our partner network.

Can we manage and discipline staff as normal?

The golden rule of EoR is that universal communication between client, EoR provider and worker is essential. This is to ensure the employment arrangement stays compliant with local legislation and best HR practices – rules in each country vary considerably and some locations have harsh penalties for non-compliance. You can manage your staff member’s day-to-day activities as normal, but it is very important to report all disciplinary and performance matters to your dedicated Global Account Manager with good notice, so they can advise on any contraventions with local law.

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