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Value Added Services FAQ

Are your value-added services the same as what is known as “relocation services”?

Mauve’s value-added services do include many of the category known traditionally as “relocation services”. However, they also go beyond this category to cover destination services, in-country hiring, document management, background checks, health and wellbeing, security and more. All the add-ons you need to make a success of your venture.

I’m not sure which services I need. Are your teams able to recommend which value-added services might be advisable in certain locations, or to certain requirements?

Yes – we can recommend certain value-added services based on our knowledge of the location, or experience in a similar circumstance to yours. For example, security solutions in certain volatile locations, or school search where educational establishments

Can I opt for a value-added service as a standalone option, or do I need to purchase one of your other solutions to qualify?

The vast majority of our VAS package can be selected as standalone options where you do not need to have engaged any other services with Mauve. However, there are some where Mauve Group would need to be the Employer of Record to be compliantly able to offer the service. Our experts will be able to advise.

Who carries out the value-added service?

All of our value-added services are managed inhouse by Mauve Group and you will have a dedicated point of liaison within the company. For the majority of our value-added services, we have developed relationships with reputable in-country partners who will carry out the service itself. All of our partners are rigorously vetted for quality. Some value-added services will be carried out by Mauve staff – our experts will be able to advise in every case.

Can I select as many value-added services as I want?

Yes, you can build your own personal menu of VAS depending on what your individual requirements are – there are no limitations in terms of number.

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