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What are Independent Contractor Solutions?

Independent Contractor Solutions enable self-employed workers, freelancers and independent contractors to facilitate or administer their overseas contracts with clients.

These services can be engaged by the independent contractor themselves, by recruitment agencies sourcing independent contractors on behalf of a client, or by clients wishing to contract out services for a project to external candidates who are not their previous or current employees.

Mauve Group’s Independent Contractor Solutions remove administrative burdens and compliance risks, allowing you to focus confidently on your core business activities and making a success of the project.

Solutions For Your Business Needs

Agent of Record Evaluation

Clients working with independent contractors can appoint Mauve to assess whether the engagement meets with independent contracting criteria, and flag any risk of disguised employment. This service includes an Independent Contractor Verification to confirm correct registrations, and will cross-check the contract conditions against our 20-factor test and compliance benchmarks.

Agent of Record

Mauve Group can act as an Agent of Record for independent contractors. The service involves the supply of a consultancy agreement between Mauve and the worker, and the processing and payment of the worker’s invoices. Mauve Group will perform an in-depth check of the position to be filled and verify whether it meets the criteria for an independent contractor.

Independent Contractor Verification

Mauve will carry out a check on the status of the worker with the relevant authorities to confirm they are compliantly registered in their home country as an independent contractor. Clients can then compliantly fill temporary positions in response to urgent business needs.

Advisory Services

In certain jurisdictions, Mauve can provide advisory services instructing independent contractors on how to register as self-employed locally. This ensures the independent contractor is compliantly positioned to carry out self-employed contract services in-country.

Independent Contractor Tax and SS Payments

Mauve Group can provide administrative support to independent contractors by calculating tax and social security contributions on their contract income and paying to the relevant authorities on their behalf – if permissible in that jurisdiction.

Let Our Network Become Your Network

Through our local staff and global network, we can support your business on-the-ground when challenges and borders prevent you from being there yourself.

Why Use Mauve?


Experience helping businesses to expand into new territories


Established network in over 150 countries worldwide


Clients stay with us – average contract length of 5 years

What are the Benefits of Independent Contractor Solutions?

Whether for short, long or variable fixed-term assignments dependent on your needs and local regulations, these solutions provide all parties with peace of mind of compliance, efficient administration and expert in-country support.

  1. Save Time and Money – Our global network means we have access to competitive rates and the best local resources. With the experts on your side, you can improve efficiency and avoid costly errors – ensuring you are able to get the most out of your overseas contracts.
  2. Delegate Contractor Administration – By utilising a Mauve Group Agent of Record service, invoicing and payment processes are consolidated and processed on your behalf. Independent contractor solutions mean less administrative headaches for workers and clients alike.
  3. Ensure Compliance – Employment and fiscal laws are complex and vary by country; non-compliance can be heavily penalised. Our in-house Compliance, Payroll and Contracts teams work with local lawyers and accountants to ensure overseas independent contractors are operating legally in-country.
  4. Access Experienced Experts – Mauve Group has supported independent contractors since 1996 and has unparalleled experience in managing global contractor administration. Our solutions are supported by a market-leading network of local experts in fields such as accountancy, legal and compliance.


“ I have been employed through Mauve for over 3 years by now and am holding a senior position at my company Mozilla. In all of the 3+ years Mauve has always treated my requests promptly, has followed up on things as necessary and has been open to improve their processes to my specific needs and recommendations. To sum it up I have been very happy with the services provided by Mauve. In particular I would like to call out that Gioia Toniolo and Caroline Tsadiotou have been great sources of knowledge for whatever questions I had throughout the years. ”

Christoph Kerschbaumer

“ Since the beginning of our cooperation, I have been completely satisfied with the services provided by Mauve: my email inquiries are always replied in timely manner, no delays with payments either, no issues with payslips nor with any other documents. Special thanks to Gioia Tonilio and Paul Wilson, they always act fast when needed so everything goes smoothly. ”

Aniko Reiss
EoR Worker

“Mauve have been the employer of record for several workers in Saudi for us and based on the partnership we have developed we are expanding the relationship to a few other countries as well. They are extremely organized and are able to anticipate everything that needs to be done, tell us ahead of time and help the workers through all required processes. In addition they provide a wealth of information around country specific things like benefits, compensation, best practices and worker expectation. All of that is extremely helpful to us as you can imagine. ”

Kathy Boyle
Senior Benefits Officer – Carbon Black

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