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Our Global Workforces Solutions (GWS) serve organisations looking to growing their reach and engage workers – but lacking the local knowledge, network or facilities to do so compliantly.

With a people-focused approach, our Global Workforce Solutions help you navigate the risks and red tape of employment, using the expertise we have learnt from 25 years of global growth.

With a Global Workforce Solution on your side, you can benefit from peace of mind, reduced costs, raised profits, and the opportunity for rapid expansion into new markets.

Employer of Record (EoR)

An Employer of Record (EoR) solution allows clients to employ new or existing workers overseas without needing to set up an entity of their own.

Mauve Group employs the worker on the client’s behalf through our global network of companies, while the client retains management of the worker. Mauve’s experts handle all necessary local employment, payroll and HR tasks.

Independent Contractor Solutions

Independent Contractor Solutions enable self-employed workers, freelancers and independent contractors to facilitate or administer their overseas contracts with clients.

Independent Contractor Compliance

Mauve’s services will verify and evaluate the registrations and status of independent contractors and freelance workers engaged by our clients. These solutions help to minimise compliance risks and provide more flexibility to fill temporary positions in response to your urgent business needs.

Agent of Record

Mauve Group can act as an Agent of Record (AoR) for the independent contractors or freelancers our clients choose to work with, removing the administrative burden from the client and worker alike. Under an Agent of Record solution, Mauve takes responsibility for the processing and payment of the worker’s invoices, as part of a consultancy agreement with the worker.

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