Global Workforce Solutions

Global Workforce Solutions

A diverse range of solutions and services.

Our foundations were built upon simple but efficient solutions that allowed fast, cost-effective access to overseas projects for clients and individual contractors alike. Over the ensuing 20 years, as the world of business has evolved and demand for globally mobile staff continues to increase, Mauve has drawn on a wealth of experience to develop a programme of Global Workforce Mobility Solutions.

We serve organisations requiring human resources for a specific project or time-period, but lacking their own local entity that can provide fully-compliant employment. These solutions can be beneficial on home soil, for short or long term projects, or likewise for companies wishing to employ staff in other countries. Our fully-compliant solutions offer clients peace of mind, reduced costs, raised profits, and the opportunity for rapid expansion into new markets.

Although our services are bespoke and assessed case-by-case, the two key categories for our fully-managed Global Workforce Mobility Solutions are as follows:

Employer of Record (EoR)/Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO)/Co-Employment Services

This option allows clients to employ new or existing individuals compliantly in a country where a local entity is lacking. The GWS/EoR solution ensures the client retains day-to-day management of the individual, whilst Mauve handles all necessary local employment and HR tasks. Our experts will constantly observe local legislation to ensure the employee remains totally compliant through the course of their employment, and will operate in tandem with the client’s HR and accounting team to inform them of any developments.

Contractor Services for short/long or variable fixed term defined assignments

This option is usually selected when candidates are sourced via recruitment agencies on behalf of their client, or alternatively when the client wants to contract out services for a specific project to external candidates who are not previously or currently full employees of the client.

Through both types of solution, Mauve Group are also able to provide a variety of managed services including immigration support and local payroll duties to ensure the employee retains a fully compliant status of employment in the chosen host country.

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