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Giving the gift of charity to our clients this festive season

Mauve Group pivots to charitable donations on behalf of its clients for this year’s festive gifting

2022 has been a challenging year across the world. Fuelled by the Ukraine invasion, the impact of climate change and the ever-intensifying cost of living crisis, hard times are being felt by many this Christmas, which offers a reminder of the importance of gifting to charities and helping others.

Christmas 2022 charity donations

Previously, Mauve Group has expressed its gratitude to clients at Christmas by gifting them a token of our appreciation. This festive season, Mauve Group is giving the gift of charity to our clients by donating on their behalf.

In a changing world, it seemed more fitting to thank our clients for their continued support and loyalty by donating to charities that make a real difference, rather than gifting.

One of our top 5 biggest industries

The charity sector is amongst Mauve Group’s top 5 biggest client industries; our organisation supports clients in this sector by employing their satellite staff who are working on international charity projects. Additionally, Mauve carries out compliance assessments on behalf of its charity clients which ensure all employees meet the requirements of local employment laws and regulations in the country of work.

Mauve is proud to represent charities that span across the sector, operate both nationally and internationally and work to raise money, awareness and improve opportunities in society.

This year, Mauve Group has worked with almost 40 charities, from those that champion educational needs to those focused on health, disease prevention, humanitarian relief, animal welfare and many more.

Success stories

Mauve Group is grateful to have been trusted to use its expertise in expansion to guide growing organisations. Our partnerships across the charity sector have led to many success stories this year.

To read more about them, including testimonials from Comic Relief, Ashoka Africa and Future of Humanity Foundation, follow the links or click the Resources tab on our website.

Interested to learn more about how Mauve supports its charity clients globally?  Head to the Contact Form to speak to our experts.



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