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Mauve Group strengthens leadership team, with appointment of three new Directors

Mauve Group announces three new Director positions.

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Mauve Group, established in 1996 and renowned for pioneering the popular global Employer of Record model, today announced the appointment of three new Directors.

Lorna Ferrie, Joanna Hart, and Annette Ord join the organisation’s team of Directors, each bringing to the role decades of experience in global business expansion from their tenure at Mauve Group.

These strategic leadership promotions reflect Mauve Group’s growth across the seven global regions it operates within. The organisation’s commitment to expanding its director team underscores its position as a leader in the global mobility industry. Mauve Group’s people-centric approach has won it plaudits for its commitment to internal talent development, and fostering growth opportunities across all levels.

The newly-expanded team of Directors will join Chris Williams, Mauve’s People and Culture Director. Together, they will implement policies to help drive growth, improve services and support more companies to seamlessly employ, pay and manage HR globally.

Since its inception in 1996, Mauve Group has developed the global knowledge to support businesses of any size with global expansion.  Mauve Group has grown to help organisations succeed in more than 150+ countries worldwide and across more than 70 different sectors. The organisation’s continuous global growth underscores the collective expertise and dedication of the entire team.

CEO and co-founder, Ann Ellis highlights the strategic importance of expanding Mauve’s team of Directors:

“We are excited to announce the appointment of three new Directors at Mauve Group, reflecting our growth plans and ambitions for the business. All of the Directors will be pivotal in helping Mauve Group enhance its service delivery, provide innovative employment solutions and expand our global client reach”.

Joining Mauve’s team of Directors:

Lorna Ferrie, Legal and Compliance Director:

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, including significant roles at National Australia Bank and Morgan Stanley, Lorna is responsible for leading both the Legal and Compliance departments at Mauve Group and managing the tax compliance of the Group and its international employees.

As the Legal and Compliance Director, Lorna ensures Mauve Group operates within legal and regulatory frameworks, adheres to internal policies, and upholds the highest ethical standards. Lorna manages governance frameworks, spearheads compliance initiatives, oversees policy development, and fosters a culture of integrity and accountability across the Group.

Throughout her 17-year tenure at Mauve Group, Lorna has led and managed the Payroll Department and previously held roles such as Global Compliance and HR Manager. Lorna utilises her expertise in international tax operations and payroll compliance to take on key responsibilities in the organisation such as salary benchmarking, CDD/KYC, risk assessments, tax compliance, GDPR, and more.

Lorna is a member of the Cyprus Human Resources Association and is certified in Compliance by the European Institute of Management & Finance.

Joanna Hart, Product, Services and Innovation Director:

Joanna Hart has a robust background in developing complex global employment solutions. Previously as Head of Research and Solutions at Mauve Group, she played a key role in designing and implementing new Employer of Record (EoR) solutions internationally to bolster the company’s international roster.

Under Joanna’s leadership, 58 new EoR solutions have been added across all seven global regions where Mauve operates, significantly enhancing the company's capacity to support its clients globally.

In response to Brexit, Mauve Group saw a 124% increase in service demand. Joanna was crucial in reorganising and implementing strategies to transition Mauve’s company registrations post-Brexit, ensuring compliance and operational continuity. Becoming a leading voice on post-Brexit challenges in HR, Jo was last year featured in The Times newspaper, guiding businesses to navigate the evolving global employment landscape through practical and innovative solutions.

In Joanna’s new position as Product, Services and Innovation Director, Joanna will unite departments across the business, developing ancillary offerings, streamlining delivery processes and mapping the organisation’s products to match the evolving world of work. Joanna continues to leverage her extensive knowledge in global mobility to reinforce Mauve Group’s position as an industry trailblazer.

Annette Ord, Commercial Director:

With Mauve for 23 years, Annette Ord is responsible for steering the commercial dimensions of the business. Her primary focus is advancing organisational objectives, enhancing revenue, ensuring profitability, and fostering growth through transformative business initiatives.

As Commercial Director, Annette aims to unify customer-facing departments, creating a strong, respectful commercial team that boosts company revenue while ensuring exceptional customer service and client retention.

Annette has been key in developing innovative industry expansion strategies, significantly increasing Mauve’s market share. She has played a crucial role in penetrating the global education industry, leading to a 900% increase in education clients since 2012, including 7 out of 8 Ivy League institutions and 8 of the world’s top 20 universities (Times Higher Education World Rankings).

Annette frequently attends international industry events such as the Pie Live and NACUBO; most recently, she shared her global expansion expertise in the keynote speech at the prestigious Universities UK International Global Mobility Conference 2024.

Combining the knowledge learnt in previous roles as Global Sales Manager and Account Manager, Annette has honed her leadership, strategic design, negotiation, and people management skills, equipping her with an industry-leading toolkit to support the organisation’s goals.

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