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Torn paper reveals salary benchmarking
Demetra Tofarides
15 Mar 2024
Salary Benchmarking: An overview

Mauve Group is a global Employer of Record and workforce solutions provider, helping businesses and organisations with their global expansion and global mobility roadmap. Watch our video, to learn more.

Portrait of a boy with the map of Africa painted on his face
Bea Nolan
21 Apr 2021
Hiring Employees In Africa

Africa is a diverse region with local needs and laws that vary by country. Read on, to discover Mauve Group's three best ways to hire locals in the continent.

A group of pound coins on a £10 note
Laura-Blaise McDowell
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What do employees want from remuneration?

Get the competitive edge on your business' staff retention strategy, with the data-led insights of a salary benchmarking service via a third-party provider such as Mauve Group.

International currency notes overlapping each other
Laura-Blaise McDowell
19 Apr 2024
Countries with highest experienced expat salaries

Experienced professionals are an asset to the business landscape of any country. We look at the countries offering the highest salaries to experienced expats.

Gender Pay Gap Concept
Laura-Blaise McDowell
8 Mar 2024
3 countries striving to close the gender pay gap

The gender pay gap remains an issue in every country in the world, but some countries are striving to close it and achieve pay equity between men and women.

A collage showcasing various Mauve moments in 2023
Laura-Blaise McDowell
12 Dec 2023
Mauve Group's 2023 wins

Here are Team Mauve's personal professional wins of 2023.

Estonian Flag on Building
Rosalind Smith
12 Oct 2020
Remote Working: Estonia

Need to support your remote workers overseas? Join us, as a we share a new series exploring streamlined global expansion and global mobility solutions – starting with Estonia.

Laura-Blaise McDowell
7 Sep 2023
Dive deep into Mauve Insight, our new portal

Require a portal where you and your workers can upload sensitive employment data securely? Look no further, with Mauve Group's new portal: Mauve Insight. Read on to learn more.

Group of People in Silhouette Panoramic - Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash
Kerry Katsapaos
19 Mar 2021
7 skills needed for global HR

Faced with challenges of global HR? Read on, as we share the top tips - such as polyphasic sleep and developing your IT skills - courtesy of HR professionals.

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