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Salary Benchmarking

Reward, recognise, and retain your global workforce with the know-how on competitive industry pay standards

Unlock your competitive edge

In a global cost-of-living crisis, what you pay can make or break whether top talent accept your job offers. Salary benchmarking services are an integral tool, to identify how competitive your compensation and benefits offering is.

Enlist the help of Mauve Group, to make data-driven decisions on pay packages which vary by sector.

And save time and employee turnover costs in the long run, by attracting and retaining your global workforce – thanks to fair, transparent pay practices.

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Introducing salary benchmarking solutions

Need to hire talented graduates or retain your senior executives, but don’t know if competitors offer more lucrative pay packages? You can learn this (and much more), when you simply provide our team with a job description, country of work, and industry for the roles you're recruiting.

Download our latest brochure, to discover how Mauve's Salary Benchmarking service can help your organisation to retain and attract top talent.

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Navigating salary benchmarking: the legal and ethical considerations

Salary benchmarking offers more than simply setting a financial standard – it ensures pay is equal and fair across your responsible global business.

Discover the essential legal and ethical factors to consider when building international pay structures, in our latest whitepaper.

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Together, let’s boost your candidate attraction and retention strategies – contact us today

Looking to expand your business globally, by making new hires or relocating existing employees?

From fostering a culture of confidence, to empower you to advertise salaries at the fair market rate; to equipping you with key data, to justify why a pay increase may or may not be required for certain roles; to providing you with costings reflective of the market in a given location, we’ve got you covered.

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