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At a glance

  • Capital

    None (de jure) & Bern (de facto)

  • Currency

    Swiss Franc (Fr, CHF)

  • Official Languages

    German (High German), Romansh, French, Italian (official languages)

  • Population Size

    8,738,791 (2020)

  • Ease of doing business

    Very Easy

  • VAT

    7,7% (from 1 January 2024 it will increase to 8,1%)


Politically-neutral for centuries, Switzerland is unique from all other countries in that it devolves decision-making to Swiss citizens via frequent referendums and people’s initiatives. The country is a crossroads between Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Lichtenstein, and this is reflected in local language and culture. Switzerland has the highest nominal wealth per adult on the planet. Mauve uses the services of an expert local partner in Switzerland and is ready to assist with your requirements through our extensive range of in-country services.