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4 benefits of using Employer of Record in GCC countries

Looking to hire staff in any of the GCC countries using an Employer of Record?

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GCC countries such as Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have young, dynamic, highly educated workforces and booming economies. There is every reason to want to hire in these nations.

The workforce in Bahrain has exploded over the last 10 years, rising from nearly 700,000 to over 1 million people, while 77% of Oman’s workforce is comprised of foreign workers, so along with Kuwait and the UAE, it has an excellent expat infrastructure if you’re considering facilitating your employees to become expats working abroad. The Expat Insider 2021 Regional Review showed that the UAE ranked highly in terms of quality of life, while Qatar ranked highest of all GCC countries in the Health & Well-Being subcategory and Saudi Arabia achieved its best scores in terms of thriving local economy.

If you want to hire in GCC countries, using an employer of record (EoR) means that you don’t have to deal with the expense, stress, and red tape of establishing your own in-country entities in order to hire there.

1. Established presence

Establishing a new business entity abroad can be costly, time consuming, and complicated. An employer of record is an entity already established within the country, through which you can hire staff safely and compliantly. Using employers of record based in countries such as Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or the UAE, allows you to safely and compliantly hire staff, without the stress and expense of setting up a business there.

Working with an employer of record will result in minimising the overheads often incurred by new businesses, due to our established local companies handling HR, payroll, and compliance which reduces operational costs relating to initial set-up, ongoing entity management and closure fees or penalties, where applicable.

2. Compliance

Using an employer of record means that you can employ your workforce in GCC countries completely compliantly, ensuring that all workers engaged in a way that adheres adhering to all local regulations. The employer of record’s experts will ensure that labour laws including payroll tax, social security, onboarding and probation, leave entitlements, and termination periods are 100% upheld.

Our experts will constantly monitor and comply with local legislation, to ensure the employee remains fully compliant through the course of their employment, and will operate in tandem with your HR and accounting team to inform them of any developments.

3. Local support

Using an employer of record means that your employees have an in-country contact, whom they can approach with any issues relating to payroll, HR etc. and you are guaranteed that they will be adequately supported.

4. Efficiency

Hiring your employees in GCC countries through an employer of record means that the worker can get started much sooner, than if you were to undertake the establishing of a business entity.

Mauve can offer a speedy timescale of approximately four weeks for the onboarding process of any candidate, from initial enquiry to payroll registration and completion of all contracts.

Hire in GCC countries with Mauve Group’s employer of record solution

An Employer of Record solution helps to compliantly hire staff in other countries. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses not yet ready to expand into overseas markets. You can explore new markets and opportunities, without setting up a local business entity, while taking care of payroll, compliance, and other essential employment processes.

Looking to hire staff in any of the GCC countries? Our team of experienced local experts can help you employ a workforce and advise on the best legal framework or even locations –  making the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Contact our business experts to find out more.