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Coffee Break Q&A: Tamalyn Ellerington

Meet Mauve's Global Business Development Manager Tamalyn Ellerington

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On this month’s coffee break Q&A, we are delighted to welcome Global Business Development Manager, Tamalyn Ellerington! Having been with us for almost six years, Tamalyn has become a vital part to the Mauve family.

Primarily focused on sourcing new clients, networking, and following up on leads, Tamalyn plays a major role in securing a strong working relationship with clients and ensuring their bespoke needs are met when referring them to a designated Account Manager.


We spoke with Tamalyn to learn more about her job role in Business Development, the one skill she believes every person should have, her greatest achievements, and much more.

1. Tell us about yourself and your role at Mauve Group.

Hello, I am Tamalyn, I have worked for Mauve Group for nearly 6 years, and I manage the global business development team. The BD team’s core task is to find new clients who need our services primarily through networking, cold calling and following up on leads. I also look after the referral scheme and complete lots of tender submissions.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job role?

Signed proposals, signed service agreements, winning tenders and working with some lovely people.

3. Where were you working before you came to Mauve?

I worked in Recruitment for 13 years. Recruiting across lots of different sectors including Education, Industrial, Healthcare and office support.

4. What do you find is the most challenging part about working in business development?

All the bits that are not actually business development. I love, love, love dealing with clients and trying to win new business but procedure writing and setting pricing do not spark joy.

5. What is one important skill that you believe everyone should have?

Empathy. In work and out. I think the world would be a much better place if everyone considered other people’s points of view.

6. What is one of your greatest achievements?

My babies, they drive me bonkers but they are unbelievably clever, kind, funny, and cute and I find it amazing that some of that is down to me.

7. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An author or a journalist, but I cannot spell or punctuate at all as the wonderful Mauve proofreading team knows from having to proofread my tender submissions.

8. If you could have dinner with any famous person, who would you choose?

Right now, it would be Jonathan Bailey AKA Anthony from Bridgerton.

9. If you could compete in any Olympic sport, which one would you choose?

Haha I am so not sporty, I quite like a bike ride but really only if it’s to a pub. If there is a medal for drinking wine in the bath and binge-watching Netflix, I reckon I would be in with a chance of winning.

10. What career advice would you give to your younger self?

There is plenty of time to build a career and buy a house. I really wish I had travelled and partied more when I was younger, but I was very career-minded after university. I wish I had taken the time to backpack across Asia, but I shall have to do it in my sixties instead!

Thank you to Tam for joining us on this month’s Coffee Break Q&A! For more updates on our Coffee Break Q&As, follow Mauve Group on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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