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The Top 5 Highest Paying Remote Jobs

What are the best paying work from home jobs?

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As the outbreak of the global pandemic forced the world into national lockdowns, employers and their workers gained a taste for the work-from-home lifestyle. Despite huge debates over remote work causing zoom burnout, fatigue, and isolation for many employees, others found the unprecedented circumstances imposed on their daily lives triggered a new and desirable working era.

In 2020, research by YouGov found that prior to the pandemic, 68% of British employees never worked from home. By September 2020, most British employees (57%) said they wanted to continue working from home.

With a rise in remote work, at least for a few days of the working week, many begin to wonder what the highest paying remote jobs are.

Here’s Mauve’s take on the top 5 highest paying remote jobs. As salaries vary significantly between countries, these figures are based on the average salaries of the US.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers are responsible for developing strategies to support their company in securing new customers, boosting sales and revenue, and ensuring customer loyalty. They must obtain strategic marketing abilities, as well as a great understanding of people to have a considerable influence among consumers.

 For most Business Development Manager jobs, individuals require an MBA in Marketing and Sales.

On average, salaries range from $40,000 to $120,000.

Product Designer

With remote jobs, there is often a misconception that those who work from home are primarily responsible for data entry and administration; however, there are also plentiful opportunities for innovation and practicality.

Product Designers are required to improve the user experience of a certain product. They are responsible for every stage of a product’s development, including the creation of prototypes, wireframes, journey maps, and much more. Not only does this require innovation, but also extensive research and test runs on newly invented products.

Product Designer job postings usually require a portfolio of previous designs, experience in leadership of design teams, and experience using software such as Adobe XD and Figma.

The salary for a product designer ranges from $50,000 to $80,000.


Psychologists and mental health therapists attend to patients with mental disorders or agonies. Workers in this field of work are required to assess the mental state of an individual and provide support and guidance to improve their conditions. However, different psychologists are responsible for different kinds of mental treatments – from interpersonal to cognitive, social, behavioural and emotional procedures.

To succeed as a psychologist, applicants usually require a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

The salary for a psychologist ranges from $48,000 to $210,000.

IT Manager

IT Managers are responsible for the company’s technology infrastructure. Duties include consistent evaluation of the company’s IT needs, assessment of vendors, and management of hardware and software. IT Managers will also perform system audits, maintain internal networks, and regularly update company systems.

Most job postings for an IT Manager will require a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or in another relevant subject such as Computer Science. They must also have experience in leading an IT team, extensive knowledge of computer systems, security and databases, and obtain the ability to collaborate with vendors and cross-functional teams.

The average salary of an IT Manager is $88,000.


Accountants are renowned for their statistical and financial capabilities. In this heavily mathematical-based and detail-oriented role, accountants are responsible for organising and maintaining financial records. With strong attention to detail, accountants manage the processing of payroll, analyse and review budgets, and prepare tax returns and financial reports.

Most Accountant jobs require a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, or Finance, as well as strong organisational skills and knowledge of programs such as Excel and NetSuite.

The average salary for an Accountant is $51,798.

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