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Worker Month: Remote Work and Employer of Record

Mauve's global workers discuss remote work under an Employer of Record solution

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Remote work may be the buzzword of the business world, but for many global workers, this practice is nothing new. Workers engaged under an employer of record solution are traditionally remotely-based. With companies often separated from their employees by geographical borders, workers under this type of arrangement have always embraced the idea of ‘working from anywhere’.

For this month’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, we are shining a light on the experience of workers operating via employer of record agreements. At Mauve, we have always prioritised the people at the heart of our solutions, and emphasize the importance of employee protection, wellbeing and human-focused support. This week, we caught up with a few of our workers to talk about how they have found working under an employer of record solution during the global pandemic. 

What is an Employer of Record?

Employer of Record solutions supports organisations by compliantly employing their workers in countries where their own local entity is lacking. An Employer of Record service absorbs the necessary local employment and HR tasks, allowing expanding businesses to focus on the day-to-day management of workers or their broader global projects.

An organisation such as Mauve Group will share the employer responsibilities with a client. The client maintains control over the daily management of employees – while Mauve Group takes on the local payroll, tax, social security, and HR tasks. Our dedicated Client Liaison team and on-the-ground staff also perform in-country worker support and regular worker check-ins.

How have workers found remote working under an Employer of Record solution?

For those working in a different country to their company, the pandemic has been a minefield of global rules and restrictions. Covid travel laws, domestic government advice, and restrictions on daily life have not only varied from country to country but also between domestic regions.

Hefzi, one worker employed under a Mauve Employer of Record solution, told us her experience of remote working, ‘has been great – although this is not my first time working remotely, this is the first time I feel secure and safe with all my legal needs covered.’ Elaborating on her employment rights she explained that the employer of record solution ensures she ‘has all the legal needs covered’ despite her employer not having an office in-country.

Maria – another international worker employed under an EOR solution – told us the solution made things ‘super convenient.’ ‘[During the pandemic,] I was happy to be compliantly employed by one country and yet easily file my taxes and be paid in the currency of another.’

How has Mauve helped workers during the Covid-19 pandemic?

At Mauve we have a dedicated team to support our workers in our client liaison department. These employees spend their time checking up on our international workers – during the more difficult months of the pandemic, this service became an essential part of Mauve’s daily operations.

Hafzi told us the Mauve team was “always willing to help…there’s always someone who will reach out and solve [any issues].” She said the team was proactive in ‘understanding [her] needs and possible feedback.”

When asked how Mauve had helped throughout the pandemic, Maria explained: “They were always the fastest at answering emails and gave me a sense of assurance and that my rights were being protected throughout my employment.”

Mauve also hosted weekly yoga sessions for internal staff and international workers – something EOR worker Khristine recalled from the early days of the pandemic. Khristine also praised the worker check-up process; ‘[Mauve] check up on me via email asking how I am with work and if I have issues and they’ll be happy to discuss it with me.’


Thank you to all our global workers for their contributions! Interested in learning more about Employer of Record? Follow the link for more info –Employer of Record | Mauve Group – Experts in Expansion

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