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3 Global HR Trends in 2020

Our Predictions For The Impact of Global Pay, Diversity and HR Tech in 2020

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Welcome to 2020! After a well-earned break over the festive period, we’re looking ahead to the coming year with excitement for all that is instore over the next 12 months.

Every year, we like to acquaint ourselves with the upcoming trending topics predicted for the global HR world. With global work on the rise, the role of HR is becoming increasingly valuable in maintaining a consistently positive experience for the people function of an organisation. Those with global HR responsibilities will see a number of buzzwords and key topics that arise time and again in 2020 – in our first post of the year, we make our predictions as to what these might be.

1. Managing Global Pay, Rewards and Benefits

This already complicated issue is likely to be a key topic of HR conversation in 2020, as companies look to balance competitiveness and recruitment appeal with cost control. The rise in SME employers expanding their businesses overseas and hiring international staff will also play into this, as they look to compete for global talent whilst also retaining a tight hold over their profitability as they venture into new locations. Talent pools are becoming increasingly international, and multi-national employers must create competitive and consistent benefits packages that work across their different country locations. Monitoring of global salary increases by country and equal pay reforms in certain locations are interesting sub-trends in this category.

2. Navigating Economic, Social and Political Issues Across A Global Workforce

Digital media and collaboration have developed our awareness of economic, social and political issues facing different communities worldwide. Although there is much to do, more than ever before we understand the need for diversity across society, and specifically in the workplace. Businesses without forward-thinking strategies on building a more diverse workforce are likely to be left behind as consumers seek out ethical, sustainable and conscious enterprises to partner with.

Conversations about unconscious bias started in 2019 will move towards action in 2020. Companies must explore unconscious bias as it stands within their business and come up with robust future planning to maximise diversity at every level. Global businesses must consider unconscious bias across their international entities, where cultural differences and social variances add an extra layer to the development of a strategy. Even in a multi-national organisation, consistent messaging around unconscious bias and corporate social responsibility activities must become ingrained and fed from the top level down.

3. Balancing Human and Technology Focused Approaches in Global HR

Much has been written in the past few years about the rapid growth of technology in global HR processes, and this will of course continue in 2020. Automation of HR process is predicted for continued growth – removing HR workers from many manual tasks across their global network of employees. Likewise, gamification of HR functions such as development, motivation, engagement, training and recruitment is likely to grow in popularity. Accenture, for example, are using points-based gamified activities to encourage collaboration, knowledge transfer, productivity and innovation across their international workforce.

However, it is important to avoid being blinded by the many benefits of technology to the value of human connections and relationships. Technology should be used to encourage engagement and collaboration between workers, rather than replacing the human element altogether. A chatbot can be very useful for responding to HR queries and blockchain-based platforms can quickly record absences, but they cannot yet lend a human ear to the reasons behind an absence, nor can they understand subtleties in the way human HR professionals can.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how our trend predictions pan out in 2020 – check back for more insights on the topics discussed in this post throughout the year. For more info about Mauve’s products and services, head to the Contact Form and submit your enquiry.