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China Work Visas:

New Opportunities for Foreign Workers

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China has announced it will ease the process for visa permit applications for foreign professionals and highly-skilled workers, to plug existing holes in the Chinese workforce’s talent levels.

In an environment where 76% of all Chinese workers are considered “unskilled”, 90% of Chinese companies are said to be “strongly affected” by this skills shortfall; to progress the country beyond its current status as a largescale manufacturer of low-end consumer goods, China has turned to external options as a means to bridge the talent gap and lay the foundations for a technology-led and information-rich economy.

The State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs revealed visa permit applications will be extended to high-skilled foreign workers in shortage or focus occupations such as scientists, entrepreneurs and technology experts, though categories may be adjusted as China’s talent needs shift.

To add further incentive, the visa will be extendable on a long-term basis from 5-10 years with multiple-entries and longer 180-day-stays for single entries. Approval for the visas will be expedited, potentially taking a matter of five days from submission, and spouses and minors will be able to apply to enter within days of the original visa approval.

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