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Tunisia: New Employer of Record Solution

Mauve Group announces a new EoR solution in Tunisia

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Mauve Group are pleased to announce the launch of a new Employer of Record solution in Tunisia.

Picture of Tunisian Flag with New Stamp

Tunisia is deeply involved with the international community despite being the smallest nation in North Africa. It is a member of the UN, The African Union, The Arab League, the OIC, and the International Criminal Court, among others. Tunisia is also a major non-NATO ally of the US and has an association agreement with the EU. Famed for its textile industry, Tunisia is the fifth-largest supplier of textiles to Europe.

With this new solution, Mauve Group can now employ and payroll staff in Tunisia through an expert local representative.

An Employer of Record solution allows business managers to focus on the day-to-day management of staff members – while Mauve Group handles the local employment, payroll, and administration of all HR tasks. Mauve Group manages its solutions in-house and carries out due-diligence checks on all local partners, ensuring workers are fully compliant in-country.

This solution can be engaged for short-term or long-term assignments and is available to local nationals in Tunisia.

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For further information about this solution, please get in touch via the CONTACT FORM. Our experts will be happy to build a bespoke solution around your specific needs.

For more details about our Employer of Record solution, click HERE.