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Immigration Digest: UAE Launches 6 New Visas for Foreign Nationals

Mauve Rounds Up the Latest News on Global Immigration

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As countries continue their battles for talent within a competitive hiring market, new visas and schemes are being introduced for foreign nationals worldwide.

Mauve Group sums up the latest news on global immigration in its monthly digest.

Ireland – Five-Year Multiple-Entry Visa Announced for Foreign Nationals

On 22nd April 2022, the government of Ireland announced that a five-year multi-entry short-stay visa would be introduced for foreign nationals from visa-required countries. The new visa facilitates travel for foreign nationals who frequently travel to Ireland from the United Kingdom, Schengen zone, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Previously, Ireland had only offered a one-, two-, and three-year multiple visa to foreign nationals. The visa is now also available as a five-year option. The government of Ireland stated that the new visa was implemented to create a more convenient and appealing travel option for international travellers.

Bahrain – Digital Residence Permits Introduced to Simplify Travel Procedures

The government of Bahrain has announced it will allow eligible individuals to obtain a digital residence permit.

Previously, Bahraini residence permit holders were required to obtain a residence permit sticker stamped into their passport. The government of Bahrain has stated that the issuance of the new digital residence permits will simplify immigration requirements by containing a QR code that, once scanned, will display all details on the individual’s stay and permissions.

United Arab Emirates – New Short-Term Entry Visas

On 18th April 2022, the United Arab Emirates government announced a new system for foreign nationals entering the UAE, including the launch of new visa types. First-time applicants will not require a host or sponsor for these entry visa types.

The visas will be available for single or multiple entries and can be renewed for similar periods. They are valid for 60 days from their date of issuance. The new entry visa types include:

  • The Job Exploration Entry Visa – available to individuals with first, second, or third skill levels. Applicants must also have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Sponsorship is not required for this visa type.
  • Business Entry Visa – available to investors or entrepreneurs to explore business and investment opportunities in the UAE. No sponsorship is required for this visa type.
  • Tourist Visa – valid for five years and allows multiple entries. Applicants do not require sponsorship and will be allowed to stay in the country for up to 90 consecutive days.
  • Entry Permit to Visit Relatives or Friends – available to relatives or friends of a UAE citizen or residence and does not require sponsorship.
  • Entry Permit for a Temporary Work Mission – intended for foreign internationals who are undergoing a temporary work assignment, such as probation testing or a project-based mission. This visa requires sponsorship by the employer.
  • Entry Permit for Study and Training – intended for foreign internationals attending training and study courses or participating in an internship program. Applicants must have sponsorship from a university, educational or research institution.

The new visas are expected to come into effect within 90 days. Check the government’s website here for updates and more details.

New Zealand – Amendments to Employer Accreditation Ahead of AEWV Launch

The government of New Zealand has announced amendments to the employer accreditation process ahead of the opening of the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) on 4th July 2022. To hire a migrant worker on a AEWV, their employer must be accredited by the New Zealand government.

Under the new amendments, employers must provide work-related settlement information within one month of the employee’s start date, including relevant industry training, access to healthcare services, support for the employee’s cost of living, and more.

Employers are further required to show evidence that they are a viable business operating in New Zealand and must be registered with the Inland Revenue (IRD) and more.

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