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Mauve announces new Global Master Insurance Programme

Mauve pivots to a new Global Insurance system across its network of 60+ wholly-owned entities.

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Mauve Group is pleased to announce that it has upgraded to a new Global Master Insurance Programme, streamlining and standardising the global organisation’s corporate insurances across its network of 60+ wholly-owned entities.

Following a review of its existing programme, Mauve Group has moved from a system of per company corporate insurances to a unified master programme, linking all Mauve entities to its two preferred providers.

The insurance provides coverage in overseas locations through a combination of the master policy and its linked local policies, where required by law in certain jurisdictions.  The policies include:

  • Employer’s Liability and Public Liability – £10,000,000 combined limit.
  • Professional Indemnity – £5,000,000 limit.
  • Worker’s Compensation – Limit is dependent on location of work.

Additionally, Mauve Group’s coverage includes general commercial insurance for Ukraine, in what it believes is an industry gold standard. Due to the invasion of Ukraine, most global insurers will no longer provide insurance in the region – through the Global Master Insurance Programme, Mauve Group is able to offer general commercial insurances to bolster its ongoing support of clients and Employer of Record workers in Ukraine.

For further information about Mauve Group’s global insurance coverage, please contact your Global Account Manager or