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Partnering for Global Success:

How Mauve Supports Partners Worldwide

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At Mauve, we simplify the business of global expansion – for our clients and partners alike.

Since 1996 we’ve developed an unrivalled network of local experts across more than 100 countries worldwide. As Mauve Group expanded from one project to more than 50 of our own entities worldwide, in turn our bank of trusted advisors grew from our own experience and recommendation – having utilised their services for our own company set-ups and in-country requirements. Today, we operate a dedicated Channel Partner department headed up by our Channel Partner Executive Tamalyn Ellerington, with the aim to build partner relationships and develop mutually-beneficial business arrangements.

These relationships are not just one way – while partners help us enhance our robust service offering with their expertise in banking, law, relocation, immigration and more, we’ve supported them in return when they’ve decided to take the leap and set up their own enterprises in new countries.

Our relationship with our partners functions in three ways:


  1. Supporting partners to expand their businesses, market their services and employ staff overseas:

When one of our partners has outgrown their home marketplace, or perhaps wants to dip a toe overseas to test potential returns, we have supported with consultancy, company set-up and even early-phase project management such as local marketing or market research. Similarly, if our partners obtain a client in a new location and require staff business travel or perhaps the employment of a new staff member locally, they turn to us for our full and holistic approach to global expansion – using Global Immigration or Employer of Record services. We take great pride in being able to support our clients as they have done us for over twenty years.

  1. Referring them business from our extensive client base;

Our Channel Partner team has developed a market-leading referral scheme, creating relationships with partner companies in a similar space to us.  can offer incentives to any company that point their client in our direction, and vice versa if the requirement is something outside our usual scope of services.

  1. Enriching our own services with the localised expertise of our partner network;

Mauve’s business model stands out from our competitors in that our first port of call when setting up a new country solution is to create our own entity, managing as much as we can in-house with our own teams. As a rule, we have shied away from complex contract chains and practices of the “middle-man” style companies. However, there is of course a distinct value in using local experts such as accountants and lawyers – we confidently utilise their services where we can closely manage the relationship and know we are working with the best in their field. Compliance is key across the Mauve Group universe – if a partner relationship can help us to optimise local compliance, we seize the opportunity.

If your organisation operates in a similar space to Mauve, there could be some interesting synergy and opportunity in one of the above ways. Success in business relies upon the right collaborations – get on the global track today and find out how Mauve can help you expand your business into new markets.