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7 USPs we're shouting about after SHRM & AIDF

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Last week, two separate Mauve teams headed out to Chicago and Bangkok for industry events – SHRM18 and AidF’s Asia Summit. Once again, we were lucky enough to meet with faces old and new at the forefront of their industries at these busy and inspiring conventions.

Every time we attend an exhibition or networking event, we spend time talking to attendees about their experiences of service providers in the same space as Mauve Group, how business needs are evolving globally and how our services can offer a solution to these specific requirements.

The world of HR, global mobility and business expansion becomes more saturated with competition every year, and the conversations we encounter at these events serve as a reminder that Mauve stands out from the crowd. We are immensely proud of our position as a market leader and solution partner to some of the most prestigious organisations in the world; below, we explore some of Mauve’s unique selling points highlighted in the learnings from SHRM18 and AidF this week.

1. Mauve Group are the original disrupters in the field:

Back when Mauve started in 1996, quite simply there was no other organisation offering solutions like ours. Mauve Group was borne out of a need identified by our founders, engineers looking to take on work contracts in far-flung locations. They recognised workers needed assistance to enter their chosen country quickly and efficiently, win their contracts, and manage the HR side of their contract once there.

By acting as the initial test cases for their own services, Mauve’s founders learnt at first-hand the pitfalls and practicalities they needed to overcome to ease the pathway to overseas expansion – from these humble beginnings, Mauve has developed into a global support network helping hundreds of clients around the world to realise their operational goals.

2. Mauve is second to none in its staff retention rates:

As entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson once said, “success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.”

At Mauve, our people are our central focus and as a result we have retained an expert workforce with longevity, commitment and enthusiasm. Every department in the Group can boast at least one employee with more than ten years of experience, and we are lucky enough to celebrate the achievements of three veteran colleagues who have worked for Mauve for twenty years apiece. These commitment levels translate to a wealth of experience and expertise, offering our clients the best support network in the business.

3. Mauve marks a move away from middle men – we have our own companies in 44 countries out of our 70+ global location network:

Event attendees we met frequently voiced concerns about service providers who bid for business themselves but then farm their clients’ requirements out to unknown third parties, effectively acting as a middle-man. Mauve has avoided this business model by operating our services through our own companies and our own employees. We are able to offer compliance, competitive value-for-money and the utmost efficiency due to fewer links in the chain.

4. Mauve makes global seem local with excellent response times:

Mauve has developed a system of strategic hub locations for its staff and offices, to ensure there is always someone available to respond to a query or issue; client feedback frequently commends the speed of our response rate and rapid handling of their enquiry. This offers peace of mind that no matter where your employees are in the world, there is support stationed and ready to make them feel at home.

5. Mauve ensures every customer feels like an individual, not a meal ticket, with a personalised service delivery:

Mauve Group places great focus on personalisation in two key ways: firstly, by providing a bespoke and customised solution built to suit the individual needs of the client. We also pride ourselves on a personalised, warm service delivery that echoes the family values and ethos of our business.

6. Mauve is proud of its expansive and ever-growing specialist partner network:

Over the years we have built a global network of on-the-ground partners that are experts in their field. When specific and localised information is needed, our clients can trust that we can call on our partnerships in the fields of HR, legal, finance, accounting and more to answer and resolve any query. All of our partners are due-diligence checked for compliance and relationships are secured with SLAs.

7. Mauve is fearless in blazing its trail:

The Mauve team is bold, spirited and unafraid to tread new ground in order to sustain and advance the organisation’s position as a market leader – we take on new challenges that present themselves to us, and we are proud and passionate about what we do.

At industry events, influencers and prospective clients are keen to share what they are looking for from first-rate service providers, and we’re keen to show how we can be the best partner to your organisation. To continue the conversation with Mauve, get in touch with our sales staff via the Contact Form – we’ll provide a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help.