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Ukraine and its Post-Soviet Neighbours

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Europe’s second-largest country has a varied and abundant landscape offering opportunities for tourists, agriculture and industry alike.

Mountains, Black Sea coastline and broad agricultural plains in Ukraine are widely utilised by Western and Russian industry; it is one of the world’s largest grain exporters and has often been described as a “global bread basket”. The country also has large interests in the manufacture of aeronautical and industrial equipment.

IT is a rapidly growing sector in Ukraine; it has ranked as having the 4th largest number of certified IT professionals in the world. Large tech corporations like Siemens, Samsung, Oracle, Cisco and Softserve are developing their local research and development operations as Ukraine attempts to make the move from the world’s “bread basket” to the world’s “brain basket”.

Take advantage of a free 15-minute phone consultation today and find out how Mauve can support your future operations in Ukraine.

Global Workforce Solution in Ukraine

Mauve Group can support employment of local nationals in Ukraine through our Global Workforce Mobility Solution, similar to an Employer of Record service.

Mauve has a company set up in Ukraine which will employ the worker, and register them on the local payroll for tax and social security deductions. Our local representative will ensure the employee is correctly registered by obtaining a tax identification code from the local inspectorate, if the worker does not already possess this- the tax code is a legal requirement for all workers in Ukraine. Our representative can also assist with the opening of a local bank account if required; the local salary must be paid in hryvnia to this account.

Foreign national workers require a work permit to work compliantly in Ukraine. Our local representative will make the application with the authorities, and the worker must take the notarized approval to the Ukrainian embassy in their home country in order to complete the application. Once they have entered Ukraine they must then apply for a residence permit within 90 days of arrival. The process takes 4-8 weeks once the application has been filed with the authorities, pending any internal delays on the side of the authorities.

Additional Services:

These services are available as standalone services or as a package; whatever your requirement, our sales team will build a bespoke package that works effectively for you.

Consultancy; Risk Assessment, Contracts and HR Support – Mauve will provide a full report evaluating the local activities of your organisation and its workers in Ukraine, and assessing the level of risk associated with personal and corporate tax obligations, permanent establishment, HR and visa/immigration requirements. Our reports also offer recommended steps to improve local compliancy for your organisation.

– Global Business Expansion – Mauve can assist your company to set up its own entity in-country; advising the best entity option for your operations, making local applications and registrations, and helping with on-the-ground assistance like bank account set-up.

– Global Visa and Immigration – ensuring your expat workers have the right visas and permits for their period of work, making applications, liaising with the authorities and keeping abreast of any changes to the application process.

Ukraine’s Neighbouring Countries

Eastern European, Baltic and Russian Federation states can offer a multitude of options for global business expansion as they develop their infrastructure and economies. Mauve can also support various services in a number of these neighbouring locations, such as:

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan.

For a free 15-minute consultation and quotation for our services in Ukraine or any of the countries above, please get in touch with the team via the Contact Form.