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Spotlight on: Bangladesh

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Bangladesh has one of the highest population densities in the world; its 160 million people equal the same number as France, Germany and the Netherlands combined. The economy grew by 7.1% in 2016 as neighbouring landlocked countries seek to make use of Bangladesh’s seaports for trade routes, and the garment trade continues to strengthen. However, Bangladesh is still heavily reliant on foreign aid, and several international agencies operate local relief projects for the 1 in 3 people affected by poverty in the country.

As the country grows and continues to develop its infrastructure, Mauve is delighted to add Bangladesh to our comprehensive global solution portfolio. Whether your organisation is an NGO or a privately-owned business, Mauve can assist your operations in Bangladesh through our key services.

Global Workforce Mobility Solution:

Mauve Group can support employment of local nationals in Bangladesh through our Global Workforce Mobility Solution, similar to an Employer of Record service. The solution is run via our company White Coral Consulting DMCC and our expert local partner in Bangladesh.

This solution allows clients to employ new or existing individuals compliantly where their own local entity is lacking. The organisation can retain day-to-day management of the individual, whilst Mauve handles all necessary local employment and HR tasks in Bangladesh. Our experts will constantly observe local legislation to ensure the employee remains totally compliant through the course of their employment.

The worker will be provided with a local employment contract for a permanent contractor or contractual employee depending on the employment conditions; only locals aged between 18-59 can be employed, but age may vary depending on job and work ability. Mauve Group and our partner will assess the best route to employment based on the worker’s age, position and job description.

The worker’s salary will be paid monthly through the local payroll, taking into account any sick pay, holiday pay and bonuses; payslips will be provided and tax deductions paid to the authorities.

Additional Services:

These services are available as standalone services or as a package; whatever your requirement, our sales team will build a bespoke package that works effectively for you.

Risk assessment– Mauve will provide a full report evaluating the local activities of your organisation and its workers in Bangladesh, and assessing the level of risk associated with personal and corporate tax obligations, permanent establishment and visa and immigration requirements. Our reports also offer recommended steps to improve compliancy in Bangladesh for your organisation.
International payroll– Mauve can assist with local payroll services, offering secure records and timely reporting, clear payroll calculations, rapid movement of funds for salaries and tax remittances, and continuous monitoring of Bangladeshi tax regulations.
Contracts and HR support– Mauve can provide guidance on Bangladeshi labour laws, and standardise employment contracts in line with local laws and templates.

For more information or a quote for our services in Bangladesh, get in touch with the team via the Contact Form.