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Value-Added and Relocation/Destination Services:

What Support Is Available to International Assignees?

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In recent years, there have been two incredibly hot topics in the world of global mobility; the rising popularity of international assignments, and the duty of care of employers to ensure employee wellbeing – particularly in the case of those who have been relocated for a period of work.

Since 1996, Mauve has recognised the importance of a global outlook in business and has staunchly promoted the highest standards of personalised care for in-country workers. In that time, we have worked hard to develop a trusted local partner network to support with a variety of supporting services once our clients’ workers are in-country.

Mauve’s representatives will this week head to EuRA’s annual European conference – EuRA is Europe’s premier relocation association, and the conference is a key opportunity to locate expert new channel partners operating in a similar space to Mauve. Before being incorporated into our network, our channel partner team carries out rigorous due diligence checks via a renowned third party to ensure they uphold the same market-leading standards as Mauve. Via a combination of these partners and our own in-house staff and entities, we are able to supply a myriad of value-added services designed to help your workers acclimatise to their new position.

Below, we explore some of the value-added services available to support an international assignment project. These can be utilised as standalone solutions or built into a bespoke package designed around the specific needs of your organisation.

Staffing – In partnership with approved recruitment agencies, Mauve can assist with sourcing the best local professional talent to staff your expanding business in a new location.

Salary Benchmarking – Development of a competitive, incentivising employee salary and total rewards package is vital to entice the best candidates – as well as to maintain a reputation as an attractive employer. We offer different levels of salary benchmarking from a generalised salary guide for a specified job title to a full review of your global approach to salary and benefit packages.

International Brand Checking – During the global expansion process, you may wish to clarify that your brand name, company logos, packaging and marketing is relevant to your new target market; this service ensures your branding is seen in a positive light by the new consumer base.

Relocation Services – Whether transporting personal belongings to a new location or arranging accommodation, utility connections and local council/state or province registration, Mauve Group’s carefully selected, highly recommended relocation companies can offer advice, support and pricing for the physical relocation of your employee or contractor.

Destination Services – Destination services include but are not limited to transfers, short and long-term accommodation search, office space search, local area induction, school search, travel services, car hire, bank account set-up, local contact directory and departure services.

Safety, Security and Medical Assistance – Whether tracking your staff across the globe, assisting in times of crisis or providing rapid medical assistance internationally, Mauve and its global partner network will ensure your staff are safe and secure in their country of assignment.

Cultural Awareness – Help your employee assimilate into their personal and professional surroundings, learn local customs and practices and build relationships across multicultural teams by engaging in a cultural awareness programme.

Translation – Any company looking to expand into a new market should consider tailoring their written output to local languages and context to avoid alienating prospective new consumers.

Banking/Finance/Currency Exchange – Local bank account set-up, tax planning, currency exchange and evaluation amongst many other financial-related services are available to ensure your employee is comfortable and compliant in-country.

Background Checks – Depending on laws in the country of work, Mauve can offer a variety of checks into the fiscal, employment, identity and education background of the worker.

Document Services – Mauve can support with passports, births, deaths and marriage registrations in many countries, as well as document management, storage, translation and legalisation services.

Drug/Screening Services – Ensure the wellbeing of your workforce with drug and screening services through our network of international partners.

Psychometric Evaluations – We can assist you to source and use the best psychometric tests to enable to you to recruit and manage your staffing effectively.

Travel – Access knowledgeable agents and competitive rates by booking flights and travel via Mauve.

Pet Services – Safe transportation of pets can help workers feel at home even in an overseas country; our pet services offer safe and comfortable passage to their new home country and source local supporting services such as veterinarians on your behalf.

This list is designed to give a generalised view of the supporting services we can offer and is by no means exhaustive; if you have a need that is not included here, or require a free quotation, please get in touch via the Contact Form.