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Globalisation and the Education Sector – featuring industry experts Louise Reposo and Tamalyn Ellerington

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About the speakers:

Louise Reposo

Global Account Manager

Louise began her career working for the cultural attaché of the Swedish Embassy in London and is fluent in Swedish. Her love of international travel developed with an extensive trip around Asia and Australia. After first settling in Cyprus, and later, her native Scotland, Louise joined the Mauve Sales Team and has worked in the position for 14 years, managing key accounts and sourcing new business.

Tamalyn Ellerington

Global Business Development Manger


In an increasingly globalised and commercialised world, universities are looking beyond their campuses and national borders and using globalization to grow their competitive advantage in much the same way as profit-driven corporations.

With 25 years experience in this industry, we have uncovered 8 key pain points that universities may come up against at some point. In this episode, we are joined by industry experts Louise Reposo and Tamalyn Ellerington to discuss these 8 key pain points. They also tell you how Mauve Group’s services can support a global outlook for your school or university and we have helped our education sector clients to propel their programmes to the forefront of global competitiveness.

8 Key Pain Points:

  • Hiring overseas and virtual placements
  • Employee visa issues
  • Differences in lengths of assignments
  • Requiring access to multiple countries within one assignment
  • Compliance with local employment legislation
  • Compliance with local tax legislation
  • Employee benefits
  • Administration

Our Solutions:

  • Employer of Record solution
  • Global Visa and Immigration solution
  • Country checks and compliance assessments
  • Benefits packages and alternative options
  • Mauve Insight

Key Takeaways:

  1. An employer of record service supports the university by compliantly employing its workers and graduate assistants in countries where its own local entity is lacking. Mauve Group takes care of the necessary local payroll, employment and HR tasks, while the university client retains day-to-day management of its worker.
  2. An Employer of Record could enable Universities to grow their competitive advantage by establishing a presence on the global stage. This would open them up to the brightest students and educators, help them to access better resources and research opportunities and allow them to share their huge wealth of expertise with communities that need it.
  3. A Global Visa and Immigration solution can get your workers and graduate assistants in country quickly, legally and efficiently by providing you with expert knowledge on immigration rules and regulations and assisting you throughout the immigration process.
  4. Global hiring solutions, such as Employer of Record, can be used for both short-term/project-based and long-term contracts.
  5. Global hiring solutions can be developed to facilitate the movement of workers between countries within one assignment.
  6. Each country has its own set of local employment and tax rules and regulations. To alleviate legislation concerns and ensure the utmost compliance, Mauve Group carries out risk assessments on behalf of university clients, auditing the current operations and flagging potential issues connected to employment and HR, immigration, tax and more.
  7. In the case of temporary visa and immigration issues, workers and graduate assistants can be hired remotely and temporarily through an Employer of Record solution to avoid interruption to programmes.
  8. Mauve Insight is an innovative digital portal created exclusively to improve the global employment experience for our clients and workers. This platform streamlines onboarding and provides all the assignment data in one place for ongoing management, making the process as frictionless and seamless as possible.
  9. To tackle the issue of handling sensitive information, Mauve Insight has been built with customized access rights to allow employees and managers to access information in the system independently. The Portal can even be adapted to suit the individual needs of your university.
  10. Educational institutions are organised in a unique way. When it comes to HR, employment or relocation, building a global assignment programme for a university or college requires careful planning – and partnerships that understand the idiosyncrasies of the sector.