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Mauve Group‛s 25th Anniversary – Interview with Ann Ellis

Mauve Group‛s 25th Anniversary – Interview with Ann Ellis

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Last week, Mauve Group announced celebrations to mark an amazing milestone – we are proud to say we have reached our 25th year in business, and we’re launching an entire year of festivities to celebrate.

We’re often asked to share how it all began, and it is hard to do so without exploring the story from CEO Ann Ellis’ perspective. As a founding member, Ann has been with Mauve since the very beginning and still remains profoundly involved with the business at every level, alongside her husband and fellow founder, John Ellis.

In this week’s video, we asked Ann to share her side of the Mauve Group story, as well as her advice for entrepreneurs. Read more about Ann and John’s journey here: 25 Years of Mauve Group | Mauve Group – Experts in Expansion


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