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Get to know the Mauve Family: Finance

Introducing Mauve Group's Finance department

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Spread across the world with bases in Mauve’s Cyprus and Dubai offices, the Finance Department is one of the largest within the Mauve family. 

The department provides expert services that enable all of Mauve’s key solutions including Employer of Record and Global Payroll. Though largely working ‘behind the scenes’, the department plays a major role in delivering Mauve’s services and keeping our global workers running smoothly. 

The department coordinates payments and salaries for Mauve’s global workers and internal staff, ensuring accurate and timely remittance around the world. The team also handles inbound invoices and manages funds within the organisation. Essential to the day-to-day operating of the company, the finance team also advises and coordinates financial plans with all the departments in Mauve. 

Meet the Team:

The team is headed up by Helen Trifilis and Karen Dexter in Cyprus, and Joerell Yparraguirre in Dubai.

Helen Trifilis, now based in Cyprus, has managed Mauve’s finance department since 1999. Beginning her career in Darwin, Australia, Helen has worked in accounts for more than 22 years. Her skills lie in accounts receivable and payable, and income auditing – she relishes the variation and challenges of global mobility accounting. 

Karen’s thirty-year career in finance began at the UK’s NatWest bank where she rapidly progressed to a managerial role. Having relocated to Cyprus, Karen was recruited to Mauve’s finance department in 2004 – her role involves managing the financial functions of Mauve worldwide, across our full network of country locations and currencies.

In Dubai, Joerell Yparraguirre is Mauve’s finance manager for the Middle East and has been with the company since 2010. Joerell is the general accountant for Mauve Group companies and provides various supporting services to enable the activities of the payroll teams. Joerell also advises on the finances of the organisation as a whole.

Rafaela Aristotelous is one of Mauve’s finance assistants in Cyprus. She told us she relishes “the chance to work in an international environment with knowledgeable professionals. At Mauve, every day is a challenge I enjoy rising to!”

Angela Ioannou, another of Mauve’s finance assistants in Cyprus, spoke to us about her role within the varied department: “I have greatly enjoyed working at Mauve for the past year and a half. I have learnt a lot from my time within the department and I always feel I am a part of the ongoing success of the team and the company.”

The Future of Finance:

The Finance department has grown over the past year. One of Mauve’s new starters, Katy Morton, spoke to us settling into the growing department.

 “Working in the finance department there is always something new to learn! It keeps the job very interesting, and I love the variety of work my role entails. All of my colleagues have been so friendly and helpful, I’ve felt like part of the team from day one. I can’t wait to eventually meet everyone in person!”

Looking to the next 25 years of Mauve, Rafaela told us: “I hope the following years of Mauve will be as innovative and productive as the first 25! I am certain that the Finance department will grow and continue to offer efficient services to its customers’’.

Thank you to the Finance department for their contributions! For more updates on our 25th Anniversary celebrations, follow us on Twitter and LinkedInIf you would like to know more about our services, please contact us here.