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Get to know the Mauve family: Marketing and PR

Introducing Mauve Group's Marketing and PR Team

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Marketing and PR is a varied sector in any company, but when it comes to Mauve the department has occupied a diverse range of roles over its long history. One of the oldest departments in Mauve’s 25-year history, Mauve’s marketing and PR department has evolved over time and even grown by three members in the last few years.

The department’s day-to-day responsibilities revolve around maintaining and growing Mauve’s brand image and reputation, generating clients, and keeping Mauve’s content and website running smoothly.

For the first instalment of our ‘Mauve Group Family’ series, we spoke to some of the Marketing and PR team to find out more about their work at Mauve, how they work as a team, and what they hope for their department and Mauve Group in the next 25-years.

Meet the Marketing and PR Team

Head of the marketing department, Kerry Katsapaos, was the very first staff member of Mauve and has been with the company for over 20 years. Kerry creatively interprets Mauve’s goals into marketing strategies across the Group, incorporating her flair for visual aesthetics into creating all of Mauve’s brand imagery and materials. Kerry told us she values the creativity and diversity of the job:

“No two days are ever the same and I am never bored. I relish the opportunity for new experiences, like getting caught in a huge storm in New Orleans or listening to Hillary Clinton deliver a keynote speech at an industry event!”

Rosalind Smith, our in-house PR manager is also a seasoned member of the Mauve family. Joining the team ten years ago, Rosalind worked in our marketing and sales departments before taking charge of Mauve’s PR. Rosalind balances her time between managing PR strategies and overseeing Mauve’s written content. Much like Kerry, Rosalind values the creativity and flexibility of the role:

‘I really enjoy finding new ways to tell the Mauve story and distil our key messages – especially through writing. Also, I love that my role is a flexible one where I’m given a lot of space for creativity and trying out new ideas. I wanted a creative career for as long as I can remember, so most of the time it doesn’t really feel like work.

Our industry is really seeing a boom at the moment, so it’s exciting to be amidst that while working for one of the market leaders. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all around the world with Mauve which is another huge benefit for a nomad like me!’

Originally from Paphos in Cyprus, marketing and events specialist Demetra Tofarides is Mauve’s event aficionado. Now based in London, Demetra balances her varied schedule between creating Mauve’s video content, managing the website, and arranging events – both virtually and in person. Demetra spoke to us about what she enjoys most in her day to day work:

‘What I love about my role is the combination of work I handle, from the standard everyday tasks to exciting new projects that arise. I also love that I am given the freedom to work on projects without being micromanaged, which I believe is how I can produce my best work.’

Growing the Department

The two newest members of the team are recent graduates Hannah Green and Beatrice Nolan, both of whom joined the Mauve family in January this year. PR assistant Hannah spends her time writing press releases and supporting the development of publicity materials while Beatrice works with all things digital, including managing Mauve’s social media channels and producing content for our online blog and news pages.

Beatrice said she expected starting a job in the middle of a pandemic would be difficult – four months down the line she told us:

I could not have dreamt of a better team than the Marketing and PR department at Mauve – everyone has been so welcoming and supportive! I imagined starting a job in the middle of a lockdown would be difficult but Mauve’s extensive experience with remote working has made the transition seamless and enjoyable. I’m really enjoying everything I do for Mauve – especially the creative aspects such as writing content and researching new areas!’

When asked about how she settled into her new role and department Hannah told us:

‘When I joined the company as PR Assistant in January, I could not have asked for a better welcome from the family at Mauve. Starting a job amidst a pandemic is a challenge. I had to learn many of my responsibilities through video calls and emails; however, I work within an incredible team of talented and creative individuals who have each made me feel so valued from day one. I enjoy showcasing everything Mauve has to offer and look forward to all the exciting projects to come (hopefully more in-person)!’

25 Years of The Mauve Family

In honor of Mauve’s 25 years in business, Rosalind expanded on Mauve’s anniversary celebrations and explained some of her longer-term goals PR goals.

‘With our 25th-anniversary celebrations this year, we have a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline for 2021 – watch this space! Longer-term, we have a plan to expand and grow our in-house PR team, so I am really eager to develop existing staff and bring in new team members looking to start their careers. This will allow us to expand our regional PR efforts too and spread the Mauve message.’

When considering Mauve Group’s next 25 years in business, Demetra told us she hopes to see the department continue to grow in creative and exciting ways:

‘Our department is expanding every year, with more resources which allows us to do even more to support the company. We are a small team, but we are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the game. I also hope that post-pandemic, we can relaunch our efforts to venture more into the events industry by organising our own events where valuable business relationships are created.’

When looking to the future, Kerry explained how she plans to lead the team to grow Mauve into an internationally recognised global brand – one that remains synonymous with outstanding service and value. Kerry plans for this growth to align with Mauve’s original history and values, keeping the brand true to Mauve’s family roots and core values.

Thank you to the Marketing and PR department for their contributions! Keep up to date with our ’25 years of the Mauve Family’ celebrations via our blog, latest news, and social media channels.