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Mauvalentines: Find your perfect match with Mauve!

This Valentine's Day, find your perfect match of global employment and workforce solutions with Mauve.

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Valentine’s Day has rolled around again, and you’ve been trawling the dating sites looking for love… Wait, that’s none of our business – we’re a global employment and workforce solutions provider, not a match-making service! But wait, now that we have you - perhaps, there’s a match we can make…

We may not be able to sort out your love life. But if you’ve been thinking about expanding your business overseas into a new market and seeking your perfect match in the area of global expansion and mobility services, then look no further!

Take our quick and easy Mauvalentines quiz, to figure out which Mauve Group solution(s) is/are best-suited to your enterprise. Good luck!

Have you hesitated to explore business expansion due to…

  1. The  small size of your business?
  2. Uncertainty around paying employees, located in various time zones around the world?
  3. Feeling intimidated by foreign visa and immigration processes?
  4. Thinking you can’t employ talent abroad, as you don’t yet have an established entity in your chosen country?
  5. Uncertainty around worker classification?
  6. Worries around managing a global workforce?
  7. Concerns around managing benefits for a global workforce?
  8. Lacking confidence in navigating areas such as contracts, compliance, salary benchmarking, and background checks?
  9. Lacking time and/or resources to investigate areas such as market research, relocation services, international brand checking, local staffing, destination services, cultural awareness, translation services, banking and FX services, etc.?
  10. Concerns relating to managing global projects efficiently and effectively?

If you answered…

  1. Your perfect match is… Global Business Expansion. At Mauve, we support businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinationals. Tap into the specialist skills of a global talent pool, diversify your international operations, and broaden your client base – all without the risks and costs of setting up new legal entities. With Mauve Group as your partner, you can continue to lead your team while we manage all the set-up admin – and keep you compliant throughout your journey to global expansion. Find out more.

  2. Your perfect match is… Global Payroll. A global workforce calls for global payroll. Compliance is key, and varies by country. And your people - wherever they are - expect to be paid on time, every time. At Mauve Group, we leverage our international teams to deliver an end-to-end global payroll solution – shaped with your business in mind. Find out more.

  3. Your perfect match is… Global Visa and Immigration. At Mauve Group, we help our clients to comply with visa, immigration, and residency rules – which impact their organisations on the road to global expansion and global mobility. Using our in-country expertise and worldwide network, we'll advise on the best immigration routes, and carry out your corporate work permit, global visa, and residency applications. So, you can trust us with the quick and compliant transfers of your new hires, business visitors, employees, and dependents. Find out more.

  4. Your perfect match is… Employer of Record. Leverage Mauve Group’s global Employer of Record (EoR) service – and let us employ or relocate workers worldwide, on your behalf. Indeed, here's where our team of experts comes in. Onboarding, payroll, taxes, employment laws, employee benefits package – you name it, we manage it all while keeping you and your workers compliant along the way. Find out more.

  5. Your perfect match is… Independent Contractor Solutions. The global gig economy is growing, offering organisations access to a wider talent pool. Such a landscape gives rise to independent contractors, best-suited to fulfil short-term or project-based deliverables, which often demand professionals with specialist skillsets. From outsourcing graphic designers for a company rebrand, to requiring agile project managers to implement your digital transformation strategy, the possibilities are endless. And with remote and hybrid working here to stay, now is the time for your business to build its global contingent workforce. Find out more.

  6. Your perfect match is… Global HR Consultancy. When you are expanding your business across the world, you must comply with local and international HR codes. With Mauve’s HR consultancy service, you can ensure comprehensive compliance in everything from employment contracts to employee benefits. Find out more.

  7. Your perfect match is… Benefits. Reward your employees with the benefits that mean most to them. We work with local experts to create benefits packages that are genuinely valuable to your staff, depending on where they’re based. Check out some of the benefits you will get exclusively with Mauve Group. Find out more.

  8. Your perfect match is… Consultancy Services. At Mauve Group, every global business expansion journey starts with identifying risks and opportunities. Our network of experts worldwide is ready to act as an extension of your team and work collaboratively via our Consultancy services. Together, we'll help to unlock overseas growth opportunities for your business. Find out more.

  9. Your perfect match is… Value-added Services. At Mauve Group, we’ve curated a vast range of Value-added Services (VAS), designed to streamline your logistics and make your business more agile as you expand overseas. So, when you outsource to us, you’ll gain invaluable in-country resources local expertise, to help you hit the ground running with your new venture. Find out more.

  10. Your perfect match is… Project Management. Whatever the scope of work, we can consult and advise on how to make your project a success globally. And wherever your goals are focused - be it Brazil, France, India, or all three - Mauve Group will manage every step of the project life cycle. From planning, strategy, and implementation, to handover and beyond, we’ll deliver a timely, cost-effective, and compliant project management service. Find out more.

Now that Cupid’s arrow has reached its target and you’ve discovered your perfect global expansion partner, contact our team today to get started on the journey of a lifetime…