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New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

How is the New Year celebrated across the globe?

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As we look forward to welcoming 2022 and celebrating the passing of 2021, we’re thinking about New Year’s Eve traditions around the world. From eating twelve grapes to walking your suitcase at midnight, here are some of our favourite New Year’s Eve traditions around the world.

12 Grapes and the Old Night – Spain

New Year’s Eve in Spain is known locally as Noche Vieja – Old Night. Revelers in Spain often stay at home until midnight and then, in accordance with a tradition that originated in 1909, at midnight eat ‘doce uvas’ (twelve grapes) at each stroke of midnight. The tradition is said to bring good luck and prosperity in the New Year.

After the 12th stroke of the New Year’s clock, there is often a firework display and festivities in bars, clubs, or on the street in town squares. These post-midnight celebrations normally continue all night long into New Year’s Day – which is a public holiday in Spain (and a good time to catch up on any lost sleep).

Want to learn more about holidays in Spain? Download our country report here: Spain-Country-Report-Nationals-and-EU-Citizens-0421.pdf (

Suitcases and Stability – Colombia

Colombia has several New Year’s Eve traditions and customs, but not everyone partakes in them all. Like Spain, 12 grapes are often eaten on each stroke of midnight, a custom that is said to bring prosperity in the upcoming year.

In Colombia, if you want your year to be full of adventure and travel, you better get your suitcase out. Walking your suitcase around the midnight streets on New Year’s Day is an old Colombian tradition that is said to guarantee your year will be full of travel. Being surrounded by all the things you want to have in the next year is a good rule of thumb in Colombia. Another tradition suggests that if you want financial security and stability in the upcoming year, then you should ensure you have some cash in your hand or pocket when the clock strikes midnight.

Unlike countries where it is customary to spend New Year’s Eve out with friends, in Colombia, it is far more common to spend the evening with your family. If people do go out, it is normally after the clock has struck midnight.

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Fireworks and Festivities – New Zealand

New Zealand celebrates the New Year on January 1st in accordance with the Georgian calendar. It is one of the largest annual festivals in the country and a night where some of the biggest parties in the country take place.

Not only does New Zealand see in the year during their mid-summer, but, due to their time zone, they are one of the first countries in the world to welcome the New Year.

In New Zealand, there will be an abundance of fireworks, concerts, and countdowns across the country on 31st December. On some of the East Coast beaches, there will even be beach parties and fireworks as revellers enjoy the mild weather. Parties of family and friends are also a common way to see in the New Year.

Want to learn more about holidays in New Zealand? Download our country report here: Spain-Country-Report-Nationals-and-EU-Citizens-0421.pdf (


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