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Santa's list of naughty and nice HR practices

Some HR providers can look forward a stocking full of gifts, while others can expect coal...

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It’s that time of year when Santa is reviewing his list, to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. While some HR service providers are happily preparing to wake up to lovely gifts left by the man himself, others are quaking in their boots! You see, not all HR service providers have been good this year. Some have been engaging in non-compliant practices.

Let’s take a look at some of the HR practices, which can earn you a joyful visit from Mr. Claus, and the ones which can land you with nothing but a sack of coal…

Practices to comply with

HR compliance refers to the practice of making certain that all company policies and actions are compliant with local labour laws.

The HR providers waking up to a stocking full of treats this Christmas morning, are likely to be the ones who’ve adhered to the various forms of compliance within HR. These forms of compliance include:

  • Statutory compliance – adhering to all legislative requirements pertaining to the workplace.
  • Regulatory compliance – adhering specifically to the rules of a regulatory body, such as a government body pertaining to financial matters, or health concerns such as the USA’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP).
  • Contractual compliance – adhering to all the contracts by which your organisation is bound, for example: ensuring that the terms of all employee contracts are honoured.
  • Union law compliance – being aware and adhering to the rules set out by any union that the organisation’s employees may be a part of.

Nice HR providers

HR providers who ensure 100% compliance in all of their practices, can expect to find the following in their Christmas stockings:

  • Strong reputation.
  • Loyal customers.
  • Longevity.
  • Steady revenue.

Naughty HR providers

HR compliance is crucial to ensuring that you are delivering high quality HR services to clients. However, some HR providers cut corners in an effort to save costs or bypass local regulations. This can end up causing major problems for all involved. Examples of non-compliance in the world of HR include:

  • Failing to comply with local legislations pertaining to the workplace. So, for example, not enforcing rules regarding appropriate behaviour in the workplace.
  • Failing to adhere to the rules of local regulatory bodies, such as failing to follow a health and safety directive from the government.
  • Failing to adhere to contracts – for example, terminating an employee incorrectly, without following the terms outlined in their employment contract.
  • Failing to adhere to the rules of any union that employees may be a part of. So, for example, union-decreed skill standards must be taken into account.

HR providers who fail to comply with regulatory requirements can expect more than just a lump of coal in their stockings! The grizzly gifts awaiting them include:

  • Reputational damage.
  • Lawsuits and large payouts.
  • Loss of customers.
  • Loss of revenue.

Keep things simple. If you’re seeking 100% compliant, reliable global HR services, contact Mauve Group today and speak to our team of experts about how we and our suite of HR services can help you.