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The Next 25 Years of Mauve Group

What's instore for Mauve Group's future? We explore some key growth areas for the business and wider market.

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Throughout 2021, we have taken a retrospective view of Mauve Group’s 25-year history. As our busiest and best-performing year to date draws to a close, what does the future hold for Mauve Group as an organisation?

The world of work has shifted dramatically over the past quarter-century, opening employees and employers up to global opportunities. The key to longevity is the ability to identify and adapt to industry trends, and we’ve made it our business to bring our clients with us as we pioneer new global ways of working.

Looking forward to the next 25 years, we explore Mauve Group’s future plans and what might be next for the global mobility industry.

The rise of remote work and Employer of Record

The concept of remote work has been steadily increasing in popularity since Mauve Group’s inception, a period where global telecoms networks were being upgraded and more white-collar workers had the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Recent global events have caused a stratospheric boom in organisations seeking support with remote workforces. And this does not seem to be a temporary phenomenon – with the majority of leading global tech companies announcing remote or hybrid policies, all signs suggesting that the model is here to stay.

Employer of Record will continue to see growing name recognition and popularity – and seasoned users of the service will also begin to see the need to adapt other organisational processes and strategies around their new remote workforce. More and more will learn that remote work solutions cannot begin and end with signing employees up to a platform.

Integral to building an effective remote work strategy is compliance and legal considerations, change management, and a need for human support and experienced expertise when unpredictable situations occur. Mauve Group will continue to develop solutions that strengthen a company’s remote work package holistically – rather than offering a simplistic answer to a complex problem.

Mauve Insight Portal and investing in new technologies

Midway through 2021, we began to roll out our brand-new Mauve Insight portal to existing clients. These clients have helped to shape the type of portal they want to use, allowing our development team to build an adaptable, accessible interface that truly speaks to client needs.

As the year comes to a close, we have fully integrated the portal for use with our Employer of Record solutions. Upcoming development phases will see the expansion of its use cases into other areas of Mauve’s business.

In the future, we will be investing heavily in our technologies, with the aim to develop and automate more of our back-office processes – some are already close to completion, such as payroll. Our aim is to build best-in-class global mobility software that carefully balances the latest technology with real-time support from human experts.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Mauve Group is an industry leader in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Working with a number of blockchain-focused clients has given us insight into how the technology might be utilised in different HR or remote work use cases, and we are exploring how we can adopt these into our future solutions.

This year, we began paying some workers partial amounts in cryptocurrency at their request – this practice is possible in certain situations and jurisdictions. With a large number of Employer of Record workers employed in blockchain-adjacent roles, we plan to expand our offering of this payment method in the future.

Diversifying our sectors and services

In 2021, Mauve Group achieved a 43% YOY increase in new clients secured – a substantial achievement considering 2020 was our previous best-ever year for new client figures.

With a traditional footing in telecommunications, technology, and engineering, our key growth sectors in the past 5 years have been education and not-for-profit which have continued to see dramatic increases in 2021. This year we have additionally focused on expanding our reach into new areas – from food and drink to fashion, sports, and gaming. We are seeing real diversity in the types of industry signing up to work with Mauve Group. We plan to continue targeting new client sectors that may not be aware of the global possibilities available to them.

Alongside the growth in the Employer of Record field, we have also seen a substantial surge in demand for our other services this year, and plan to continue expanding into key linked areas to diversify our offering.

The pandemic exposed gaps in global processes for many companies, and many have been looking for bespoke support where their expertise might be lacking. As a result, we have expanded our portfolio to meet those needs – for example, this year compliance consultancy services such as Risk Assessments and Independent Contractor Evaluations were in high demand, as well as Global Business Expansion support. We will continue to invest in growing these areas further in the future. After the success of our portal development, we are also exploring potential SaaS avenues – watch this space as this area of the business develops.

We have high growth plans for the future of Mauve and are excited to bring you along with us – check back at the start of the year where we’ll be sharing our predictions for the biggest global work trends of 2022. If you’re interested in Mauve’s current solutions and services, please get in touch today via the Contact form!