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Top industries supported by global Visa and Immigration services

As the world of work becomes increasingly international, here are the top industries supported by global visa and immigration services.

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In today’s increasingly dynamic working world, where globalisation is the word of the day, every day, global mobility plays a crucial role.

As remote work, working abroad, and global expansion become easier and more common, organisations across the spectrum of industry are reaping the benefits. However, behind the scenes, global visa and immigration services are supporting and facilitating this new era of work.

Let’s take a look at the top industries, which visa and immigration services are integral to.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (PSTS) industry leads the way in USA and UK

According to SSTI, the industry with the most approved USA H1-B visas for speciality workers since 2009 has been the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services industry (PSTS). This industry comprises half the total annual approvals.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry includes professions that fall under: “…legal services; financial services; architectural, engineering, and specialised design services; computer services; consulting services; research services; advertising services; photographic services; translation and interpretation services; veterinary services; and other professional, scientific, and technical services.”

In the UK, Tier 2 work visas, the UK’s speciality worker visa programme, are also primarily granted within this sector – with the highest number of Tier 2 visas approved within accounting, engineering, and finance. They are followed by investment banking, technology, media, and legal services.

Medical sector among Australia’s top sponsoring fields

Software and application programmers top Australia’s list of professions with the most sponsorship approval. They are closely followed by registered nurses, with the percentage of foreign nurses working in Australia increasing from 13.69% in 2004 to 19.07% in 2021.

General practitioners and resident medical officers also appear in the top 10 professions sponsored by employers in Australia.

Both PSTS and medical fields take top Canadian sponsorship spots, along with skilled trades

In Canada, IT, engineering, financial analysis, healthcare, and skilled trades - including plumbing and welding - are the fields in which the most Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) visas are sponsored.

As the workforce ages, Canada is experiencing a shortage of skilled tradespeople. So, this is a sector that will continue to sponsor more visas as time goes on.

How Global Visa and Immigration services are helping

What are Global Visa and Immigration services?

Global visa and immigration services help businesses and organisations to comply with visa, immigration, and residency rules when hiring global talent, or hiring abroad. When a client chooses to use these services, they are opting to benefit from access to a global network of knowledge and expert guidance regarding relevant immigration routes.

T he global visa and immigration service provider will take charge of all paperwork and applications, ensuring everything is done correctly and compliantly.

How can Global Visa and Immigration services help businesses to hire talent from abroad?

Global visa and immigration service providers can support businesses and organisations on their global expansion journeys at every step of the process.

These  services can help to secure visas and work permits for foreign workers quickly and compliantly, without the employer having to worry about complicated application processes, time consuming paperwork, and lengthy wait times.

Why are Global Visa and Immigration services so important to the global workforce?

Studies show that global mobility is key to bolstering talent pools the world over, with Manpower Group noting that over half of businesses surveyed regarding talent shortages are seeking to hire internationally.

An EY report found that three quarters of business leaders consider global mobility crucial for the success of their businesses.

By facilitating global expansion, these services are a key tool in today’s marketplace.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Mauve Group’s Global Visa and Immigration services can help you, contact our team today.