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Mauve Celebrates its Client Industries

Mauve Group Spotlights its Client Industries Throughout August

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Leading on from Mauve’s services month, we move on to spotlighting our client industries throughout August – advising on how global businesses can maximise their potential across a range of industry sectors.

Last month, we brought it back to basics, breaking down everything you need to know about Mauve’s solutions and how they can facilitate business expansion. We answered all your frequently asked questions, including the difference between a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and an Employer of Record (EoR), the risks of managing global payroll without an EoR, and much more.

With clients spread across over 60 industries, Mauve is an expert in recognising and achieving optimal business opportunities specific to the sector. Our client industries month aims to highlight how employers can utilise our solutions to succeed in their particular field.

From the NGO and education sectors to health, technology, retail, and many more – Mauve will advise on the most effective solutions to taking your business global.

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