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Family for Every Child Case Study

Key Facts and Figures

  • 33 member organisations
  • 30 countries worldwide
  • 30 staff based in 11 countries

Background and Challenges

Family for Every Child is a global alliance of local civil society organisations working together to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world. Structured as a network, it is governed by its membership of national civil society organisations drawn from across the world. Their work is supported by a small but engaged and diverse team of professionals – the Secretariat – who support the facilitation of projects, knowledge collection and dissemination, publications, scoping of new members and fundraising and communications. They currently employ 30 staff, the majority of whom work remotely from home and are based across 11 countries.

Family reached out to Mauve because they wanted to safeguard the utmost compliance as a publicly-funded body, whilst also ensuring that they were using the most budget-efficient options to employ these staff members locally. Since 2016, Mauve has partnered with Family to provide risk assessment reporting on individual employment situations and compliance issues such as risk of permanent establishment, employer tax obligations and local labour legislation.

Mauve’s Solution

After liaising with Family and collating certain important pieces of information such as employee nationality, location of work, Family’s existing local entity type, current payroll arrangements, employment contracts and valid eligibility to work, Mauve provides a bespoke report based upon those particular circumstances. These reports contain country-specific information, summaries of applicable laws, alerts to potential risks and recommendations on increasing local compliance.

From the detail of these initial risk assessment and compliance reports, Family was able to review their local activities and extend their association with Mauve to cover payroll assistance and employer of record services in certain strategic, recommended locations.

Mauve has built a close relationship with Family For Every Child, becoming a trusted partner in unfamiliar territory as they carry out their vital work. Our partnership gives the charity the peace of mind that their operational and HR teams can consult with trusted experts at any time on individual situations and unfamiliar local practices.

Benefits of Mauve to Family for Every Child at a glance

  • Peace of mind
  • Extension of Family for Every Child’s own HR and operational departments
  • Minimisation of risk in unfamiliar global environments
  • Strong existing client base in the charity and NGO sector
  • Creation of a bespoke report based on Family for Every Child’s individual circumstances
  • Country-specific information rather than blanket advice
  • Advice on how to maximise compliance while ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Find out more about the good work of Family for Every Child by visiting their website here.